Bedroom in Les Fleurs Suite

Les Fleurs

We live in the sub-tropics and people from up north are always surprised at how green and fertile New Orleans is.  It is.  It always smells like flowers in this

Clio 1


The park across the street from our inn has a stature of Clio, Goddess of Peace and Genius of History.  Clio is pronounced KLEYE-oh here.  If you mispronounce words from

Les Peches 1

Les Pêches

The Gulf of Mexico is 100 miles away but this is a port city intimately connected to the sea and to seafood.  You haven’t tasted an oyster until you’ve had

La France 1

La France

The French refer to their flag as the Tricolour.  They don’t call it ther Red, White and Blue.  It’s the Blue, White and Red.  Freedom (liberté) is blue.  Equality (egalité)

La Pelican 1

Le Pelican

Where New Orleans sits on the map was originally a swamp.  While the city has fought for 300 years for its toehold on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River,