Advanced Placement in New Orleans

First visit to New Orleans?  Well, Bourbon Street is the perfect place for beginners to cut their teeth and wet their whistles.  Esplanade Avenue, well, Esplanade Avenue is for winners.  New Orleans outside the French Quarter is where you can hone your appreciation and whet your senses for life in the ever-loving round.

A thinking person’s appetites get more fully satisfied off the usual tourist radar.  Exhaust your tourist vibe and yahoo inclinations on Bourbon Street and on Frenchmen Street, especially if this is your first visit to our fair city.  If you are looking for a more nuanced feast of what makes this magical city the greatest city on earth, then Esplanade Avenue is advanced placement in New Orleans.  Advance to the head of the class.  The longer you stay on Esplanade Avenue, the more you’ll fall in love with New Orleans.  No one ever says their stay is too long.  It is always too short.  Even a week in New Orleans will only let  you scratch the surface of this amazing city.


Advanced Placement in New Orleans
A most beautiful street in New Orleans, LA.  This park is right in front of 2216 Esplanade Avenue

New Orleans is an easy city to love.  Ten and a half million visitors don’t pop in annually without good reasons for doing so.  Some of them come for conventions or other business.  More of them come for pleasure.   Who doesn’t break out in a satisfied grin when they’re told they’re being shipped off to New Orleans?  New Orleans is an ideal destination no matter what your reason is for visiting.  If America is an ice cream sundae, New Orleans is the cherry on top.

If getting pass-out drunk on Bourbon Street is your idea of fun, well, fun’s a-awaiting for you in New Orleans.  If you think you’re up for some advanced placement in New Orleans, there is always La Belle Esplanade, or any other number of small inns scattered judiciously like jimmy-cracked corn in our fair city’s neighborhoods.

New Orleans is a real city.  It’s streetscapes are a playground, but they are a playground where lives are lived out to satisfying completion.  You can make good memories in New Orleans, or you can drink a lot of grain alcohol dyed with powdered fruit punch mix until you pass out in your 13th-floor chain hotel room on Canal Street.  The choice is yours.  Lucky 13.  New Orleans is a playground the way chess is a game of chance.  Choose your next move wisely.  La Belle Esplanade is not another hotel.

2216 is the luckiest number in New Orleans.  That’s our address on Esplanade Avenue, right in the middle of a stately and oak-lined beautiful street in our fair city, one mile’s picturesque stroll to the French Quarter and the tourist nightlife on Frenchmen Street in one direction, and one mile’s even more picturesque stroll to City Park and the New Orleans Museum of Art, and great restaurants and bars you’ve never heard of, in the other direction.  Visit New Orleans like you live here.  Get off the predictable tourist game board.

You don’t need to be highbrow or high hat when you visit New Orleans, but you also don’t need to race to the bottom of the barrel.  The best part of a craft cocktail won’t be found in the dregs.  The best beer isn’t poured when the keg is tapped out at last call.  The best parts of New Orleans are in the places you aren’t told about.  That’s where we live.  New Orleanians love where we live.


Advanced placement in New Orleans
The sweetest corner in New Orleans

You’ll find your sweet spot in New Orleans.  New Orleans will make you swoon.  Join into the life on the streets.  Stroll the streetscapes, the back-o’-town, the side streets, admire the vernacular architecture that you can’t find anywhere else.  Listen to the ambient music that is its own soundtrack, the syncopated sounds of a New Orleans day.  Improvisation is the keynote of jazz.  Improvisation is the cornerstone of a New Orleans moment, one after another, after another.  No one with a pulse is bored in New Orleans.

Taste New Orleans.  Hunger makes the best sauce.  New Orleans satisfies every appetite.  It is well nigh impossible to have a bad meal in New Orleans.  Creole cuisine is fit for kings, and it’s specially prepared every day, with care and expertise, for you me and also for you.  Love seasons the most memorable New Orleans suppers.  Good memories are made in New Orleans.  The best memories are made on Esplanade Avenue.  Advanced placement in New Orleans happens on Esplanade Avenue.

New Orleans is an easy city to love.  Look higher than the streetscape.


Advanced placement in New Orleans
Look up in New Orleans and see the shapes of dreams come true

New Orleans is a city hewn close to sea level but it also a city that reaches so high to almost touch Heaven.  There is no place else like New Orleans.  Come see for yourself and enjoy everything this magical city has to offer off the usual must-see lists you read about in the guidebooks.  New Orleans is better than you can imagine.  Come experience it for yourself.  There is no place else like New Orleans.

To visit New Orleans like you mean it, get off the usual tourist radar.  Have open eyes and open ears.  Keep your imagination open for surprises.  Escape the usual expectations.  Ours is a big city with a big heart and with plenty to explore.  Visit New Orleans like you live here.

À votre santé,

La Belle Esplanade

your New Orleans lifestyle headquarters.  Ours is not another hotel.  Living in New Orleans is a joyous way of life.

Sunday, August 20, 2017:  If you are thinking about visiting New Orleans, think outside the box of the French Quarter.  The Quarter is nice.  The rest of New Orleans is thrice as nice.

Advanced placement in New Orleans
La Belle Esplanade: the most interesting place to stay in America’s most interesting city!