Ask Your Doctor About New Orleans

Ask a professional about where you should stay in New Orleans when you visit.  You can choose the Sheraton or the Marriott or the Hilton.  You can choose an AirBnB.  If you want to experience the real New Orleans the way it is lived by the people who live here, if you want to visit New Orleans like a New Orleanian, if you want to get in on more than one New Orleans secret, well, there is only one place to stay in New Orleans that I would recommend.  I live in New Orleans and I am a professional.  Making New Orleans recommendations is what I do for a living.  Ask your doctor about New Orleans.  I have the privilege of being able to append the initials ‘DH’ after my name.  I am a Doctor of Hospitality.  I will tell you the truth.  The best place to stay if you want to get into the New Orleans state of mind is La Belle Esplanade.  Good New Orleans memories that will last a lifetime are made on our street every day and in every way.

Here’s a video I shot this morning…



New Orleans is magical.  As a Doctor of Hospitality, I know more than 7000 things about New Orleans.  I think about New Orleans full time, 24 hours a day.  I think about New Orleans in my sleep.  I live here.  New Orleans is woven into every fiber of my being. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I am New Orleans.  I will say, however, that New Orleans is me.  I love New Orleans.



This doctor is in.

Have breakfast with this gent and learn some of New Orleans' secrets.
New Orleans is a city of characters. Here is Exhibit A.



People ask me why I love New Orleans as much as I do.  Who asks me this?  People who just stepped off their airplane.  Spend an hour in New Orleans and the question won’t even occur to you any more.  It is self-explanatory.  The question answers itself. Nobody ever says their visit is too long. When it is time to leave, their visit has always been too short.  There are so many things to discover in New Orleans that five nights cannot be enough.

Even the worst day in New Orleans is better than a typical day spent in any other city.  New Orleans casts a spell.  I have lived in New Orleans for almost eight years.  I am not going anywhere else anytime soon.  I love New Orleans.  You will love New Orleans, too.  Good memories, the best kind, are made on Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans.  New Orleans is magical, especially in our part of this city.  Come discover the better side of New Orleans.  The best parts of New Orleans are off the usual tourist radar.

If you find New Orleans confusing, I can’t say I blame you.  When Frau Schmitt and I first moved here, we were blinkered and bewildered by the many layers upon layers of the city’s culture, too.  Frau Schmitt is the better half of this operation.  Both she and I serve as New Orleans goodwill ambassadors.  Our appointed mission is to reveal the New Orleans state of mind to visitors to this fair city we both call home.  There is nowhere so good as New Orleans.  Ask your doctor.

If you are bored in New Orleans, you have a hole in your imagination.  That’s my professional diagnosis.

I am a Doctor of Hospitality (DH).  That and $10 will get me a half dozen Oysters Rockefeller at Antoine’s.  My doctorate in hospitality will, however, guarantee that you will get introduced to a side of New Orleans that you don’t know anything about.  There is an off-the-rack New Orleans experience and then there is a curated, bespoke, boutique experience of New Orleans overstuffed with recommendations tailored to your particular tastes.  Ask your doctor about New Orleans.  He will give you a prescription of things that will suit you best.  Welcome to the better side of New Orleans.  Welcome to the New Orleans state of mind.


The people have spoken!

À votre santé,

La Belle Esplanade

…ranked the #1 inn in New Orleans and in Louisiana, the #3 inn in the U.S., the #17 place to stay in the whole world.

Friday, February 9, 2018: . It is the Friday before Mardi Gras.  Aside from the Children’s Parade that rolled down our street this morning, there are three big parades on St. Charles Avenue tonight.  A lot of other Mardi Gras events transpired and unfolded today, as they will every day until after the big day, itself.  Visit New Orleans like a New Orleanian and you’ll discover more about what it means to be in love with this magical city Frau Schmitt and your humble narrator call home.  New Orleans is magical.