Best Pickled Eggs in New Orleans!

The best pickled eggs in New Orleans are just a hotel away.  These aren’t the pickled eggs you expect to find in a gallon jar in a bar in your town—these are Cajun eggs.  The best pickled eggs in New Orleans.  Your mouth is watering just thinking about them, isn’t it?

We don’t cook here at La Belle Esplanade, we’re not licensed to cook so we go out to various neighborhood places and contract with local artisans to provide us with interesting things to provision our breakfast buffet.  You don’t need us to go to Costco; you can do that at home.  Instead, we strive to give you a taste of authentic New Orleans, what it’s like to live here.  New Orleans is a city of many multiple flavors you won’t find at home.

Our jams and jellies come from a lady who lives in St. Bernard Parish.  That’s the parish downriver from New Orleans, right over the border.  They used to have a farmers’ market in St. Bernard but no one really went.  Though it isn’t far, St. Bernard is a different world from the city.  There aren’t many people who live in Da Parish, to there weren’t enough people to make it worth the farmers’ while to hold a market.  For the short time it was open, though, we would go for jams and jellies and that is where we met Jane.

She makes delicious jellies from local produce.  Her great-grandmother made them, her grandmother made them, her mother made them, and now she makes them.  We can’t go to the farmers’ market anymore but we are still in touch.  Every few months we call Jane up and she brings whatever she brings.  The jars are always full of deliciousness.

She also makes pickles.

Most especially, she makes the best pickled eggs in New Orleans.

Best Pickled Eggs in New Orleans
Pickled quail eggs and pickled chicken eggs. We’re negotiating with an emu farm in Plaquemines Parish to get….well, you know….

We don’t scramble eggs for breakfast.  You can have that at home.  When we do serve eggs, we serve the pickled eggs that Jane makes.  Sometimes they are quail eggs.  Sometimes they are chicken eggs.  There are a few farms and there is plenty of open swampland in St. Bernard Parish.  All of our pickled eggs are locally sourced.

They are full of flavor.


You don’t come to New Orleans to dine on pickled eggs but you do come to sample and savor the kinds of foods you can’t get at home, to have the kind of experiences you can’t get at home.

We serve other things at breakfast, too.  Many, many, many other local neighborhood delicacies both sweet and savory.  As people embedded in our community, we support our community.  We know a lot of chefs, cooks, caterers, bakers, restauranteurs, pastry chefs, pudding chefs, farmers, and neighbors.  Come taste what it means to be in love with New Orleans.

Let two seasoned New Orleans goodwill ambassadors be your guide in this wonderful city we call home.  You don’t need us to point you in the direction of the French Quarter and Bourbon Street.  You’ll find it without our help, believe me.  When you’re ready to get off the usual tourist radar, though, to discover what it really means to fall in love with New Orleans, that’s what we’re here for.  We love where we live and we love to share what we know.

The Best Pickled Eggs in New Orleans.
No one is every hungry after breakfast at La Belle Esplanade. Our curated buffet is full of local delights.

Have a great New Orleans day today, no matter where you happen to be.  When you are ready to visit New Orleans, you’re on the right website.  We only have five suites so we tend to fill up early.  Plan ahead and be prepared to have your eyes and your ears opened to all the wonderful delights this magnificent and magical city has to offer.  It’s more and better than what you have read, what you’ve been told, and what you think.  New Orleans is enchanting.

You have at least two friends in New Orleans,

-La Belle Esplanade

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