The Best Place to Have Brunch in New Orleans

Would you buy a used car from this man?

If you are of a certain age, you’ll recognize the man in the picture above.  He never endorsed staying at La Belle Esplanade.  He did visit New Orleans occasionally over his career, but this wasn’t a city in which he felt at home.  He never stayed with us.  We’re known for making people of all political stripes feel welcome, and we’re also known for explaining what makes New Orleans America’s Most Interesting City.  I bet if Nixon stayed with us, he would have fallen in love with New Orleans.  We’ve seen it happen before.

We went to the movies this afternoon…

…but we didn’t see Elvis & Nixon.  It wasn’t playing at a convenient time.  We’re not on vacation, after all.  It only seems like we have all the time in the world.  We do work for a living.

Instead, we went to see something else.  We went to The Theaters at Canal Place for a late matinee.

On to other business—

Your humble narrator

If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll recognize this picture.  It was taken a few seconds after the photo that’s our profile picture on our Facebook page.  People ask why photos of Frau Schmitt so rarely surface in public.  The answer is simple: one of us is camera shy.  I don’t know why:

Frau Schmitt

I think she’s beautiful.  I always say Frau Schmitt is the nicest person you’ll ever meet.  In this one case, and in this one case only, I am right about these things.

We were having a late lunch at La Crêpe Nanou.  As I’ve mentioned before, La Crêpe Nanou is a bit out of the way for our guests and the restaurant doesn’t take reservations, so a lot of people are hesitant to make the trek out to Prytania Street to chance to take a table.  We’ve never had a problem getting a table to savor a meal over an hour or two.  Also, La Crêpe Nanou only serves lunch (brunch, really) on Sundays when most of our guests are at a second line parade.

I’m not trying to paint it like we don’t want to have lunch with our guests and that’s our main reason for going to La Crêpe Nanou on Sunday afternoons.  Our guests, as Mr. Nixon would have learned had he stayed with us, are wonderful company.  We enjoy the ambience and the food at La Crêpe Nanou on its own merits, irrespective of who may or may not join us there.

Also, it’s fun to say La Crêpe Nanou.  It’s fun to spell, too.

Let’s cover one more subject, since most of these blog installments cover three subjects per post.  I’m a trinitarian.

In a month, we’re going to have a new website.  We like our current website, and it’s gotten a lot of compliments.  It’s just time to move on from big multinational corporate octopi.  One particular multinational corporate octopus bought up our website provider soon after we signed on.  We hung in for awhile, but, really, enough is enough.  We’re small business people.  We prefer supporting other small business people.  We’ll announce when the new website is up in this forum, which is owned by Google, and on Facebook, of course.

We’re really sticking it to the Man.

We take inspiration from another local business from these parts: River Parish Disposal.

During Jazz Fest, River Parish Disposal is really cleaning up, business-wise.  Yes, I know I made a pun there.  Their portable toilets are everywhere.

Portable toilets in City Park

They’ve probably trademarked their slogan, which is too bad.  I’d like to use it for La Belle Esplanade.

Truer words were never written on the side of a port-o-let

They love that slogan so much that their website isn’t  It’s  I’m not talking trash when I say that’s marketing genius.  I stand in awe, much as Elvis did when he met the president.

I am perennially awestruck in New Orleans.  We live in a magical city.  You’ll see when you get here.

À votre santé,
La Belle Esplanade
where every morning is a curated breakfast salon.

Postscript and just to be clear:

A manatee

We went to see a matinee, not to see a manatee.