Your Bipartisan Place to Stay in New Orleans

As I always tell our guests, I’m not here to judge.  If I were, we wouldn’t be in business very long.  I like to take each guest as they come, liking them all.  Frau Schmitt and I like to share what we know about our fair city with everyone whether they are interested in what we have to say or not.  We are always interested in what our guests have to tell us—that’s how we learn to make recommendations that will suit you.  Nothing off the rack and no canned responses here.  We don’t toe the party line.

Howzabout a little musical accompaniment?


I was going to put something else up there, but who doesn’t like a song about New Orleans?  I know I yammer on and on and on about how New Orleans music is jazz, and I’m not the only one who goes on at length about this, but you will hear different genres down here if you choose.

No, I am not talking about the karaoke bars on Bourbon Street.  New Orleans does inspire artists, though, of any persuasion, whether they are musicians, or painters, or people crafting dioramas.   New Orleans inspires.

What does this have to do with the title of today’s bipartisan installment.  Some people (my  mother, actually) have written to inquire why our blog has been a bit fallow this past week.  Truth be told, it’s because I’ve been very interested in the presidential election that was held the other day.  If you are reading this in a country outside the United States, I should clarify: we had an election this week, as we do every four years, to determine who will serve as our chief executive.

Louisiana was admitted as the 18th state in the Union on April 30, 1812.  That’s a pretty long time; 214 years as of this writing.

No matter who you supported, you are welcome to make La Belle Esplanade your headquarters for your New Orleans adventures.  We don’t show favoritism one way or the other.  Discussion of politics are usually ‘verboten‘ as Frau Schmitt likes to say (and she is usually right about these things).  In fact, even though the election results were thick in the air all this week outside our inn’s front door, no one broached the subject during breakfast.  Why would they?  Our boutique inn is an oasis away from all the world’s cares, just as New Orleans is.  One of New Orleans’ nicknames is, “The City That Care Forgot.”

Worry never tarries here.  In New Orleans, we let a smile be our umbrella.

You will never know where your humble narrator’s political sympathies lie.  It isn’t germane to your holiday vacation getaway.  I’m not particularly interested in what candidate you preferred either.  It has nothing to do with the burbling and thickly embroidered culture you will encounter while you are in New Orleans.  In New Orleans, the rest of the world seems like a dream, anyway.  Things are different within our city’s limits.

We’ll be plugging along this week on the blog with our usual regularity, which is much more frequently than any other B&B blog you’re ever going to come across.  I expect two more installments by next Friday.  After that, though, content will fall off again for awhile for reasons beyond my control.

Rumors that your humble narrator is being interviewed for the chairmanship of the Small Business Administration or for the position of Secretary of Hospitality are unfounded.  I have no connection to the President Elect beyond a love for a good stuffed crust pizza.


À votre santé,

La Belle Esplanade

where every day starts with a pleasant surprise that carries on until after midnight.

Sunday, November 13, 2016:  These are interesting times in which to live in America’s most interesting city.