Bunny Bread—A New Orleans Favorite

We don’t serve Bunny Bread at La Belle Esplanade.  Bunny Bread is the local version of Wonder Bread.  Frau Schmitt, who is the better half of this operation is German, so she knows good bread.  I.E., no Bunny Bread for breakfast.  I like a bread with a proper crust to it, too.  We go to different local bakeries where the bread is baked that morning to serve every morning.

I could buy Bunny Bread in the supermarket, but that’s not my way.  I like to buy everything fresh for breakfast.  The Bunny Bread bakery is out in New Orleans East, across the Industrial Canal, farther than I like to go on my motor scooter.  Here is what the bakery looks like.  Isn’t it magestic?

That's what I said, Bunny Bread.
The Bunny Bread bakery and corporate offices in New Orleans East.

The other day Frau Schmitt and I crossed the Industrial Canal and embarked on Downman Road to visit the Bunny Bread complex.  The sign on the side of the building pictured above is set off from the road and Frau Schmitt drove past it.  “Stop! Stop!  I need a good shot!” I said.

“Calm down.  I’ll turn around and you’ll get all the pictures you want,” she said.  As it turned out, one picture was enough.  How many angles can you take to make the side of the building interesting?  We did go into the bread store part of the complex though.  How did we know they sold bread there?  The sign told us:

Bunny Bread in New Orleans!
The most cottony bread in New Orleans. Beloved by children throughout lower Louisiana.


Let’s take a closer look at that bunny:

Bunny Bread mascot!
What is that bunny’s name. No one can tell me. They all say, “He’s the Bunny Bread bunny.”

He does have a name.  It’s Bunny.  If you wear a tee shirt with Bunny on it in New Orleans, people will be high-fiving you every time you walk into a shop, a bar, or turn a corner in a supermarket aisle.  Wear that shirt to a parade.  You’ll make a lot of friends, guaranteed.

According to the official Bunny Bread website, there are no shirts for sale, however, alas. There is plenty of bread for sale, though.  Not online.  Old school, and offline, as so many authentic New Orleans things are, you have to find Bunny Bread in a physical store.  Just like most things in New Orleans, you can’t grasp New Orleans things online.  You have to be here, in the flesh, in the round, grounded in reality.  Of course, the Bunny Bread website has its unique charms. You can find bedtime stories there.  Sweet B vitamin-enriched dreams.  No one has ever gotten beri-beri from eating Bunny Bread.  People in New Orleans are long-boned and strong-boned, upright and persevering.  New Orleanians are hardy stock.

If you are looking for a bedtime story, Bunny has had a lot of low-key adventures, much like the humble narrator of this blog.  If you enjoy this blog, you should enjoy Bunny Bread Storytime.

That’s what I said: Bunny Bread:

You can make the most interesting memories when you stay in our part of New Orleans.  Good memories are made on our street every day.  Welcome to real New Orleans.  It is a wide open and wide-ranging city outside the French Quarter and outside the guidebooks.  Use your better intuition and get your good self down here.  You know where you should stay if you’re looking for an authentic New Orleans adventure.

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