Daydream New Orleans

When you wish upon New Orleans all your dreams will come true.  How do I know?  I live here.  You, too, can live here for a short while.  Once you get New Orleans under you’re skin, you’ll be a New Orleanian wherever you are. Where have you been?  New Orleans misses you.

When you wish upon New Orleans...
Stars fell on New Orleans last night



Imagine you are far away from New Orleans, somewhere dark and cold.  Maybe you don’t have to imagine it.  I am writing this in December, after all.

Imagine you are far away from New Orleans, miles and miles and miles and miles and miles away from New Orleans in a place where the people don’t know the meaning of jazz.

I’ve been some places where people don’t feel comfortable dancing.  I’ve been some places where people think lunch means eating at their desk, not spending an hour or two over cocktails and wine and a three-course meal.  I’ve been some places where there’s no music in the streets, where the only parade is held on the 4th of July.  What is the meaning of New Orleans?

Catch a wish.  When you don’t know what to do and you don’t know where to go, New Orleans waits for you.

New Orleans revolves around its own axis.  The sun always shines in New Orleans, even when it’s raining. You cannot be lost once you’ve found your way in New Orleans.  Put out your red light.  Turn on your heartlight and make it glow.


Visit New Orleans and get both your head and your heart into the New Orleans state of mind.  Life is good here.  Come see for yourself.  You won’t regret it.

À votre santé, nos amis,

La belle Esplanade

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017:  Life is good in New Orleans today.