Elemental New Orleans

Earthly forces apply in New Orleans.  The law of gravity holds sway.  No sound will reach your ears faster than the speed of light.  Animal spirits are afoot in New Orleans, too.  Spiritual laws have as much force as do the physical laws.  Elemental New Orleans is built on all the basic necessities that make a good life worth living.  Life is better than good in New Orleans.  Life is enjoyed on a grand scale.  New Orleans is like an opera.  It even has singing fat ladies.

Elemental New Orleans is air, earth, fire, and water!
Every morning brings a promising dawn to the New Orleans skyline.


If something seems too good to be true, you must be in New Orleans.

This isn’t a dark matter.  All the elements that make up a happy universe are in place in New Orleans.  New Orleans’ future is bright.  We don’t keep our candles under a basket.  We light those candles, Roman-style, in fireworks that, parti-colored, illuminate the New Orleans night.  The sun will come out tomorrow.  Tomorrow will forever be a brand new sparkly day from here to eternity.  New Orleans is magical.

Mojo, juju, hoodoo, voodoo, and hokum, all are held in equally high esteem in New Orleans.  Ours is a city chockablock with sorcerous puffinstuff.  Even a catagory 5 hurricane couldn’t blow New Orleans down.  Haters gotta hate, but everyone loves New Orleans.

Ask your humble narrator:

Elemental New Orleans is a matter of prescription!
Your Doctor of Orleansology is in.



New Orleans won’t make a monkey out of you but it may make you a monkey’s uncle.  New Orleans puts the fun in fundamental.  If you find New Orleans confusing, no one will blame you.  New Orleans is confusing until you get to know it.  New Orleans is like nowhere else on earth.

New Orleans is unique and the most unique hotel in this one-of-a-kind city is La Belle Esplanade.  Visit New Orleans like a New Orleanian.  12.7 million people visited New Orleans last year.  We only have five suites.  Be one of the lucky few and make a reservation now.  We tend to fill up quickly.

In a New Orleans state of mind even the angels dream of waking up refreshed on Esplanade Avenue.  Our address is, indeed, truly, “une belle esplanade.”  Make a connection.  Fall in love.  Good memories are made on our street.

À votre santé,

La Belle Esplanade

..ranked the #1 inn in New Orleans and in Louisiana, the #3 inn in the U.S., the #17 place to stay in the whole world.

Saturday, March 3, 2018:  Wander around in New Orleans and you never know what you’ll find until you get where you’re going.  Don’t worry.  You’ll find yourself feeling at home.


—–The people have spoken!