God Bless New Orleans Tourists

I read the newspapers and I live in the world, so I know that you, whoever you may happen to be, Mr. and Ms. Random-Clickbait-Follower, may not be too interested in God’s blessings on you.  That’s okay.  New Orleans is a pilgrimage site, a place where people come to find their center, however they define that.  It is a universal and cosmopolitan city, a place where all and sundry come to look outside themselves as well as to look within.  You may not find peace when you visit New Orleans but you can if you are open to it.  More often than not, people leave New Orleans refreshed in body, mind and soul.  God bless New Orleans visitors.

New Orleans is a catholic city, and, by that, I mean that not in its Vatican sense (though it certainly is that) but in the original sense of the word catholic.  New Orleans is universal in its welcome and in its appeal.  Thank you, Dictionary.com for your #1 and #2 definitions of the word:

  1.  Broad and wide-ranging in tastes, interests, and the like; having sympathies with all; broad-minded; liberal.
  2. Universal in extent; involving all, of interest to all.


If you are bored in New Orleans, you must have a hole in your imagination.  New Orleans is a city in which anything is possible and all things are probable.  New Orleans only wants what is best for you.  I’ll bet you a dollar that you’ll leave New Orleans happy.  If everyone who comes to New Orleans would take me up on that bet, I’d be a millionaire many times over.

Over 17 million people visited New Orleans last year.  La Belle Esplanade only has five suites.  Only a microscopic number of those 17 million people, in the scale of things, had the chance to stay with us.

God bless New Orleans visitors
God Bless the Guests at 2216 Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans, LA.


God bless us, one and all.  I had a brick engraved and placed in the Bl. Francis Xavier Seelos shrine in the Lower Garden District.  The pavilion where all the bricks are going to be laid is still a work in progress but I went over to see if our brick was in place yet.  It didn’t even take me a minute to find it.  I would like to thank everyone who has chosen to stay at La Belle Esplanade over the past six years we’ve been open.  It has been a pleasure to meet all of you, and to share what we know about this wonderful city we call home.  Welcome to The New Orleans State of Mind.

La Belle Esplanade sky
We look up in the morning and we realize we are lucky to be alive in New Orleans.



New Orleans is blessed with an ideal geographic situation, a pleasant and fertile climate, a densely woven and rich culture, the best food in America, a deep and nurturing history, a sense of play, a sense of reverence, and a sense of gratitude that outstrips even all the blessings this great city has been granted.  God bless America. God bless New Orleans.  God bless New Orleans visitors, especially those who stay at La Belle Esplanade.  We’ve got the brick to prove it.

New Orleans is a city of details piled on top of details.  It is impossible to absorb all that New Orleans contains during one visit unless your vacation lasts for ten years.  Even then, there will be more to discover.

The French Quarter and Bourbon Street are part of New Orleans but they are not New Orleans in sum.  New Orleans is much bigger than the jazz clubs that no one who lives here visits.  New Orleans is bigger than the Hilton, the Sheraton, the Ritz-Carlton, The Marriott, La Quinta, Best Western, whatever.  We operate a small personalized 5-suite hotel in a real neighborhood outside the tourist zone.  There is room for everyone who wants to visit New Orleans on their own terms.  God bless New Orleans tourists.

God bless New Orleans visitors
One of your hosts, your New Orleans goodwill ambassador, a man-about-New Orleans, a bon vivant. He’s looking forward to meeting you.

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The sun is beautiful.  New Orleans is beautiful.  People who visit New Orleans are beautiful.  God Bless New Orleans tourists.  We hope you’ll choose La Belle Esplanade to make it the headquarters for your next visit.

Your New Orleans goodwill ambassador is here for you:

Have a great New Orleans day, wherever you happen to find yourself,

La Belle Esplanade

…ranked the #1 place to stay in New Orleans and in Louisiana, #3 in the U.S., and the #17 place to stay in the whole world.

——-The people have spoken!——

Thursday, August 23, 2018:  A lot has happened in the past week. I’ve got some hair-raising tales of daring-do to tell you, but those will have to wait until you come stay with us.  I’ll tell you over breakfast.  Melanie and I will answer all your questions about New Orleans over breakfast when you stay with us.  We live in an amazing city.  If you can’t find anything to do in New Orleans, it isn’t the city’s fault.  Even when nothing is going on, officially, something is still going on, even if it’s off the record.