Good Memories Are Not Commodities

The second weekend of Jazz Fest started on Thursday.  New Orleans is always lively but our neighborhood tends to be relatively quiet.  We don’t live in a residential neighborhood, per se, but it’s peaceable on Esplanade Avenue as a general rule.  What are we expecting this weekend?  People in good high spirits will be walking up our street to the festival all day.  When the festival ends around 7:00 every evening, those same contented people will be walking back to the French Quarter.  A smidgen of that crowd won’t be walking to the Quarter.  They’ll be walking to La Belle Esplanade.  Good memories are not commodities, but we only have five suites so only a lucky, lucky few get to have the best memories of all.


Good memories are not commodities
Good memories are not commodities


So many interesting things happen in our part of New Orleans every day.  I, for one, and Frau Schmitt, who is the better half of this operation, for two, love where we live.

We used to live in the Lower Garden District.  If you aren’t from New Orleans, you’ve heard of the Garden District if you’ve been reading your guidebooks.  You probably haven’t heard of Esplanade Avenue.  We like it that way.  Even when nothing is going on in New Orleans, something is going on.  Our neighborhood is off the tourist grid, but that doesn’t mean nothing happens within a mile radius of our house.  Plenty happens.  It’s just not stuff that most tourists want to see.  Why not?


New Orleans isn’t Disneyworld.

It should go without saying, but New Orleans is a real city.  The city is home to the third busiest port in the country.  If you read the guidebooks, you may think that all we do in New Orleans is get drunk on Bourbon Street.  No.  Those sloppy drunks on Bourbon Street are from out of town.  New Orleanians know how to hold their liquor.  New Orleanians also don’t eat fried shrimp po’ boys for lunch every day, and we don’t think a hand grenade is a particularly delicious drink.

There is another New Orleans outside the tourist bubble.  I live here.  I enter that bubble from time to time.  I can’t say I get swept up in it.  Some aspects of the pleasure dome intrigue me, but only in my role of urban anthropologist, not in my profession as an innkeeper.  If you want to stay at La Belle Esplanade, I’m not gonna judge you if you want to spend all your time on Bourbon Street.  I’m happy to make Bourbon Street recommendations.  But, if you want to stay at La Belle Esplanade, I’m going to assume that you’re doing so to sample and enjoy the rest of New Orleans in the round.  Good memories are not commodities that you buy off the rack.

La Belle Esplanade is a boutique experience inn.  We’re not quite a hotel and we’re not quite a bed and breakfast.  La Belle Esplanade is a professionally curated collection of surprises delivered with élan and ésprit de corps.  Stay at La Belle Esplanade and you’ll enter into the New Orleans state of mind.


Good memories are not commodities
Les Pêches Suite, La Belle Esplanade, a boutique experience inn in New Orleans, LA


Welcome to New Orleans.

Visit New Orleans like you belong here.  You do belong here, you really do.  New Orleans is a very, very, very friendly city.  You won’t bump into strangers on Esplanade Avenue.  You’ll bump into friends you’ve just met.  We love where we live.  You will, too.


Good memories are made on Esplanade Avenue
A beautiful street in a beautiful New Orleans neighborhood


Good Memories are not commodities.

If you want to purchase your hotel room the way you purchase your plane ticket, by all means go through Priceline or Expedia.  How high are your expectations for in-flight service?  When you’re looking for the cheapest price, how high are your expectations for your hotel room?  You can’t make a reservation at La Belle Esplanade through a middleman.  You can only book directly, right here on this website.  That’s the way we like it.  We don’t compete on price.  We compete on experience.  Good memories are not commodities, though plenty of big chains and conglomerates try to commodify your experience.  Get outside the tourist bubble.  You’re already on our website so there’s hope for you yet.  Visit New Orleans like you belong here.

When you’re ready to visit New Orleans like you belong here, you know where to make your headquarters for your New Orleans adventures.

À votre santé,

La Belle Esplanade

…where every day’s adventures start with a curated breakfast salon in our colorful dining room.

Saturday, May 6, 2017:  Good things happen in New Orleans every day.  Good memories are made in New Orleans every day.  Look back to your time in our magical city with a satisfied smile on your kisser.  We live on a beautiful street.