How To Talk Like a New Orleanian

La Belle Esplanade is located on Esplanade Avenue.  How do you pronounce that?  It just so happens I have a rhyming dictionary on my desk. It’s Mirriam-Webster’s 2nd edition.  Here is a lesson in how to talk like a New Orleanian.

La Belle Esplanade, the name of our small personalized New Orleans hotel, is pronounced as you would expect it, in French.  When we talk about our about bespoke boutique inn, we pronounce esplanade the way most of the world pronounces it.  La Belle Esplanade rhymes with the following words:

clod, cod, Fahd, gaud, god, hod, mod, nod, odd, plod, pod, prod, quad, rod, scrod, shod, sod, squad, tod, trod,wad, Akkad, Belgrade, Cape Cod, de Sade, facade, hot-rod, pomade, ramrod, Riyadh, roughshod, roulade, seedpod, slipshod, synod, tie-rod, tightwad, arthropod, demigod, dowsing rod, escalade, firing squad, fusillade, gastropod, goldenrod, lightning rod, man of god, Novgorod, promenade, rémoulade, Islamabad, and Upanishad.

You can trust this man in New Orleans
Listen to the best dressed man in New Orleans.



Talk like a New Orleanian.  Nothing is as it seems to be in New Orleans.  Esplanade Avenue is pronounced differently than you expect.  You’ll look foolish if you try to walk like an Egyptian.  You’ll sound sophisticated when you talk like a New Orleanian.

In New Orleans, Esplanade Avenue rhymes with these words:

aid, aide, bade, blade, braid, fade, glade, grade, jade, laid, made, maid, paid, raid, rayed, shade, spade, staid, suede, they’d, trade, wade, afraid, arcade, Band-Aid, barmaid, blockade, bridesmaid, brigade, brocade, cascade, cockade, decade, degrade, dissuade, downgrade, evade, eyeshade, fair-trade, grenade, handmade, handmaid, homemade, housemaid, inlaid, invade, Kool-Aid, mermaid, milkmaid, nightshade, nursemaid, parade, pervade, postpaid, self-made, souffléd, stockade, switchblade, unmade, waylaid, accolade, dairymaid, escapade, lemonade, marmalade, masquerade, palisade, retrograde, serenade, and unafraid.

La Belle Esplanade is on Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans.  2216 Esplanade Avenue, to be exact.  Now you know.  Mispronounce street names while you’re here.  You’ll fit right in.  Talk like a New Orleanian.  Calliope Street is “kal-ee-OHP.”  Burgundy Street is “bur-GUN-dee.”  Chartres Street?  We say it like this: “Charters Street.”  Can you hear me now?

Oh, the wonderful things you’ll learn while you are in New Orleans.  It really is a different world down here.  Frau Schmitt and I will help you get around.  Frau Schmitt is the better half of this operation.  As for myself, I am just The Most Interesting Man in New Orleans.  We are goodwill ambassadors for this amazing city we call home.  We love to share what we know.  What are you waiting for?  New Orleans waits for you.  Come stay in the #1 ranked tiny personalized hotel in New Orleans.  We are also the #3 place to stay in the United States and the #17 place to stay in the world in our class.

New Orleans waits for you.  Adventure awaits right outside our front door.  Good memories are made on our street.

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The only way to make a reservation to stay at La Belle Esplanade is through this website.  We don’t fool around with Expedia or and whatnot.  We want to make sure you know what you are getting into.  Our tiny hotel is full of personality—the opposite of a big multi-national chain.  Visit New Orleans like a New Orleanian while you are here.

Your New Orleans goodwill ambassador.
You have a friend on Esplanade Avenue in a quintessential New Orleans neighborhood. Visit New Orleans like a New Orleanian.


You have two friends on Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana.

–La Belle Esplanade.

…ranked the #1 inn in New Orleans and in Louisiana, the #3 inn in the U.S., the #17 place to stay in the whole world.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018:  It’s another beautiful day.  Every day in New Orleans is a beautiful day.  Catch a wish.  —À votre santé.