Instagram New Orleans!!

Hey!  Wanna learn our recipe for blueberry pancakes?  Well, you’re on the wrong bed and breakfast blog for that.  Your humble narrator, secret hero of these blog posts, has never been too hip to the B&B blogger template of sharing recipes and news about the upcoming apple festival, and that’s not because there is no apple festival in New Orleans.  I don’t think I’ve posted a Jazz Fest post in four years.  Why not?  Because you can read about Jazz Fest on any number of other New Orleans websites.  Why no recipes?  Because we aren’t licensed to cook so we don’t serve blueberry pancakes at La Belle Esplanade.  Instead, we serve boudin balls, crawfish pie, freshly baked bread from six of our surrounding local and artisanal bakeries, and whatever else we can curate every morning as we go about our rounds around New Orleans before anyone else is awake.  We know where to purchase the best apple fritters in New Orleans, but we don’t know the recipe.  Wanna learn about a new Instagram New Orleans account you can follow?  We’ve got you covered.  Prepare to be enlightened.  I hope you’re sitting down as you read this…

La Belle Esplanade is on Instagram!

If you have an Instagram account, and you are interested in such things, just log on and search for La Belle Esplanade.  That’s us.  There is only one.  Follow us.  Like us.  Friend us.  Do whatever it is that Instagram calls it to get semi-daily updates of New Orleans sunny days.

Most every morning, while I’m out walking our dog about our fair city, I take a snapshot of the sky in New Orleans and then I post that snapshot on Instagram with the caption, “Another beautiful New Orleans morning.”  It may not seem very exciting but it will brighten your day.  Trust me.  Walking around New Orleans every morning brightens my day, and I’m just getting started.

I am rarely in the French Quarter or on the tourist grid.  Going to Café du Monde or buying a novelty tee shirt isn’t usually on my list of morning errands.  If you wanna see a different side of New Orleans, follow La Belle Esplanade on Instagram.  It’s Instagram New Orleans all the way.  Oh, la, la, the wonderful things you’ll see.

These birds are headed to Frenchmen Street in New Orleans


You never know what you’ll find on the ground in New Orleans and you’ll never know what you’ll see in the sky in New Orleans.  That’s Instagram New Orleans, ready to be pixellated and shared.  Just a part of the boots-on-the-banquette service Frau Schmitt and I try to serve up on a daily basis as professional innkeepers and unofficially appointed goodwill ambassadors of this wonderful city we call home.

In New Orleans, we call the sidewalk a banquette.  It’s one of the many charming quirks you’ll discover about our local culture.

Instagram New Orleans
New Orleans skyline


So, if you want to see what the clouds look like, with a smidgeon of landscape, on any given morning in New Orleans, here’s your chance.  Instagram New Orleans courtesy of La Belle Esplanade.  Follow us.  Like us.  How can you not?

This is an unpaid endorsement for Instagram.  Me, I never look at the thing.  I’m too busy living my life in my sensory-immersion all-around surroundings.  My job is to offer you a glimpse of New Orleans’ peculiarly magnificent ante meridiam meteorology.  Now you know what 7:00AM stands for.  There is no place else like New Orleans.

No hashtags, ever, I promise.  I only have a vague understanding of what that means.  My mother, who is 20 years older than me, give a few months, observed that I should append hashtags to our Instagram New Orleans posts.  Me: “What for?”  My mother is more savvy than I am.  Well, I like to think I turned out all right.  I think she agrees, even when I don’t take her considered advice at this late date in our relationship.   I own a hat that I purchased from Meyer the Hatter called The Hashtag, but my mother and I don’t typically talk about hats.  I think she meant this: #.

I’d provide a link to the hashtag hat I own but, as you might imagine, Google is awash with links to hats featuring actual hashtags on them, not the kind of trim and colorful fedora you can purchase at Meyer the Hatter.  If you want to see the hat that I own, the hat that I jauntily wear when the weather turns cooler, you’ll have to visit New Orleans between October and May.  It’s a nice hat to wear on another beautiful New Orleans morning.

Build a new relationship with New Orleans, whether this is your first time visiting (in which case it will be a new relationship) or if this your 50th time visiting.  There is more to New Orleans than what you’ll find in guide books and from reading the travel articles.  There is a wide and beautiful, thriving city out here outside the French Quarter.  Every morning is another beautiful New Orleans morning.  Every morning, it’s Instagram New Orleans.

If you are thinking about visiting New Orleans for your first time or your 50th, I have three words for you that will reveal a different side, a better side, a heckuva better side of New Orleans than you ever imagined.  Those three words are: La Belle Esplanade.  You are on the right website.

À votre santé,

La Belle Esplanade

not another New Orleans hotel.  A place to to call home for as long as you choose to stay.  Every beautiful New Orleans morning starts with a curated breakfast salon.

Monday, August 28, 2017:  Hurricane Harvey has landed in Houston.  All New Orleanians offer their best wishes and earnest prayers to the good people of Texas affected by the storm and it’s attendant flooding.  Tomorrow marks the 12th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s landfall in New Orleans.  We feel your pain and our hopes are with you.