It Rained on Freret Street, New Orleans

It started raining on Freret Street at 11:30AM.  It started off lightly but then it increased and increased until a person couldn’t see more than half a block.  The rain fell so hard that it stung.

The rain stopped for about three minutes and then it started again as hard as before.  People rushed to take cover in Bar Frances, in the High Hat, The Midway, and in the hardware store across from the sushi bar across the street from the hardware store.  Any port in a storm.

The rain stopped again and there were even patches of blue sky.  About three minutes later, maybe four, the rain started again.  This happened five times between 11:30AM and 2:00PM.

It rains in New Orleans
Freret Street, New Orleans, after the rain.

It only happened on Freret Street between Napoleon Avenue and Jefferson Avenue.  All the houses, all the lawns, all the pavement on the surrounding streets was dry.  Only Freret Street was drenched.  That was how it was decreed to be by the heavens.  The downtown blocks of Freret Street, downriver from Napoleon Avenue, were dry.  The uptown stretch of Freret Street, upriver from Jefferson Avenue, was dry.

This peculiar rain only happened on Freret Street, itself, between Napoleon and Jefferson Avenues.

After 2:00, the sky remained cloudy but it didn’t rain for the rest of the day.

Midway Pizza
Midway Pizza, Uptown, on Freret Street, New Orleans. A nice place to spend some time during a downpour.

Earthworms came out of the ground all along the length of Freret Street where it had rained.  There were worms of all sizes, both fat and skinny, long and stubby, ropey worms and thread-like worms, worms the length of an index finger and worms as long as a pinky toe.  They came in different colors, too.

School was in session at that hour so there weren’t any children on the street.  By the time school let out, all the worms had been eaten by a flock of crows that descended, as if told in advance, that a feast would be waiting for them on Freret Street.

When it rains, it pours, in New Orleans
Cure Cocktail Bar. It’s in an old fire station across the street from Midway Pizza on Freret Street.

A flock of crows is more appropriately known as a murder of crows.  Everywhere I looked, there were crows with wriggling worms in their beaks, big and small, all colors, red, brown, blue, white, whatever.  It was a buffet of worms for the crows.  And then everything was gone like nothing had happened.

We hope you have a great New Orleans day today, wherever you happen to be!

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