It’s all about New Orleans

If you live in New Orleans everything really is all about New Orleans all the time, 24 hours a day, all year round.  New Orleans is a special place, unlike any other place on Earth.  Ask anyone if New Orleans is special and the answer will always be the same:  YES.  New Orleans is special.



New Orleans IS Special.

It is special.  You can see it as you walk around.  You can hear it when you walk around.  You can smell it when you walk around.  You can feel it when you walk around.  Order a bowl of gumbo and you can taste that New Orleans is special.  You can’t get a soup like a good New Orleans gumbo anywhere else in the world.  A good gumbo is as rich as gravy and full of sausage, crabmeat, shrimp, chicken alligator tail meat, okra, peas, the Creole Trinity (onion, celery, and bell pepper) and filé.  If you don’t know what filé is, you don’t know what New Orleans is.  What are you waiting for?

Get out of your comfort zone and out of the French Quarter and off the usual tourist map.  Discover the real New Orleans.  Discover the real New Orleans where New Orleanians, real people, live out their lives to fruitful, profitable, and mutually beneficial fruition.  Good memories are made in New Orleans.  Good memories are made on our street.

There is no moment like a real New Orleans moment when the stars are aligned in ineffable and mystical voodoo configuration and you feel like the world is your oyster and you are its pearl.  New Orleans is a city in which possibilities become actually real.

Unlike the Age of Aquarius, but like your hair, New Orleans is real.  You can touch New Orleans.  It isn’t a virtual dream.  Let that New Orleans sun shine into your heart.



Get off the usual tourist grid and discover what makes New Orleans special.  Ours is a city in its own dimension, a Lower 9th Dimension, where New Orleans equals MC squared.  The M stands for mass.  The C stands for “See ya there!”


La Belle Esplanade in New Orleans, LA
La Belle Esplanade in the morning sure is pretty!


You can lose yourself in New Orleans.  This city is a mecca for writers, musicians, artists, and for Joe and Jane Blow Q. Public, too, for good reasons.  Everyone loves New Orleans.  Why?  Ask a New Orleanian.  They’ll tell you why this is the most magical city on the globe.  Because New Orleans is different.  New Orleans is beautiful, warts and all.

Be yourself in New Orleans.  Be respectful of those around you.  All of New Orleans isn’t Bourbon Street.  On Bourbon Street, you can make a fool of yourself and nobody will notice.  In the rest of New Orleans, you can do whatcha wanna, too, but that doesn’t mean you should make yourself a fool.  Why would you want to do that, anyway?  Is that what travelled a thousand miles to New Orleans for?

Do whatcha wanna but don’t be a darned fool.  Be cool.



Needless to say, I happen to know the most beautiful street in our fair city.  Wanna take a guess which one it is?

It’s all about New Orleans.

If life really were all about New Orleans, the world would be a happier place.

Come see for yourself.  La Belle Esplanade, which is both named after and located on the most beautiful street of this wonderful city we call home, is unlike any hotel you’ve ever stayed in.  La Belle Esplanade is better.  This is New Orleans.  Welcome to the New Orleans state of mind.  Embed yourself in a real New Orleans neighborhood.  There is no other city like New Orleans and there is no other hotel like La Belle Esplanade.  You’re on the right website, pal.


À votre santé,

La Belle Esplanade

where every morning starts with a curated breakfast salon of good food and good conversation among friends.

Sunday, October 22, 2017:  The forecast was a 100% chance of rain today.  It did rain for a half hour around noon.  Before and after that, the sun shined in.