La Belle Esplanade: Celebrating 100 Years!

Everyone is welcome

We’re celebrating 100 years.  How many?  You read that number correctly: 100. I didn’t leave off a few zeros.  100 is the right number.

100 years of what?  Well, that’s for us to know and you to find out.

You’ll be surprised by all the things you’ll find in our lobby.  It’s a real museum stuffed full of curiosities.  When we bought the house, the lobby was used as storage, much as it is now I suppose, full of boxes and bicycles, odds and ends that no one knew where else to put them.  Now it’s a meticulously curated and arranged display of odds and ends.  Everything is perfectly in its place and the collection is always expanding as we get donations.  Our lobby is an odditarium.

There are some things in our lobby that are over 100 years old.  Some things are older.  Oh, if only we could turn back time…

You didn’t see that coming did you?  I didn’t.  Inserting that video was Tammie the Housekeeper’s idea.

Tammie the Housekeeper

I was in the Navy when Cher made that video.  I wasn’t in that same spot, on that same ship, but I can tell you that it’s not exactly an accurate representation of life at sea, or in port for that matter.  I did wear that white uniform though, in summer.  They were made of polyester.

While I own a lot of hats, I no longer own a US Navy “dixie cup.”  However, when I do have a fly fishing bucket hat and when I wear it, which is rarely since I don’t fish, I wear it with the brim turned up all around, just like in my sailing days.  I don’t wear it à la Gilligan, who is wearing his sailor hat below the way I wear my bucket hat.

Bob Denver

Speaking of John Denver (that’s not a typo), I’ve been reading his autobiography recently.  Not straight through.  I read a lot of books at the same time, so, interspersed with all the philosophy, travel literature, New Orleans history books, hagiographies, and collections of old Gallup poll results, I squeeze in a few pages of John Denver’s life story, as told by the man himself.  I have nothing to say about what I’ve read about him so far.  This is just a digression that leads nowhere.

Our lobby

So what hundred years are we celebrating exactly?  Didn’t I say that’s for Frau Schmitt and I to know and you to find out?  I’m sticking by my guns here, just filling up space, killing time, chewing the fat, and smoking a cigar on a lazy New Orleans afternoon.

Did you know the Finck Cigar Company, of San Antonio, TX was founded in the 1880s?  Our house was built in 1883.  Coincidence that good things happen at the same time?  Here’s the history of Finck Cigars, if you are interested.

So, as I sit here wasting your time, making you wonder what 100 years Frau Schmitt and I are celebrating (100 years in business? —not quite yet, but we’re getting closer) let me tell you that if you’re looking for an honest cigar at a good price, you can do a lot worse than buying a box of Finck’s Travis Clubs.

Now, I haven’t wasted your time at all, have I?  That’s a solid tip you should follow, just like our restaurant recommendations when you stay with us.

Enjoyed by discriminating connoisseurs

We have a cigar box museum in our lobby.  We have and many, many, many, many, many other things in our lobby.  We have curiosities and curios scattered all through the house but most of them are concentrated in the odditarium.  We have so many things that we’ve got an intern from one of the local colleges to catalog all we have.  It’s a bewildering collection of gewgaws and gimcrackery.  He’s getting a good education.

You’ll find out when you come to stay with us.

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