Living the NOLA Life

Every day in New Orleans a myriad of miracles unfurl into a drifting confetti that gets mixed up with the etouffé.  You can hear traces of this ethereal flotsam in the trumpet player’s notes, the way the music belly laughs in the middle and then chuckles all the way to the end of its song.  The clouds, all puffervescent and pillowy, are reflected in the crystal unruffled lagoons in City Park and in Audubon Park, in Bayou St. John, in the Industrial Canal, and in the still, still waters of Lake Pontchartrain, King of the Louisiana Lakes!  Every day is filled with memorable small miracles in New Orleans.

380,000 people (give or take) live in New Orleans.  I am one of the lucky ones.  Frau Schmitt is another.  Everyone who lives in New Orleans is happy to call this great city home.  Everyone in New Orleans is grateful they aren’t yet dead.  Another day in New Orleans is another day in paradise.

You can’t keep a city full of miracles down.  In New Orleans, what is probable is probably true.  It’s not impossible to separate fact from fancy in New Orleans but no one bothers.  Why bother when you can stroll the banquette surrounded by miracles and ready for love?

It is easy to fall in love with New Orleans.  Every day someone finds a new way to love New Orleans different from everyone else.  New Orleans love bursts with myriad blooms of all shapes and sizes, of many colors, and with many fragrances.  Just take a stroll in the French Quarter and sniff a big whiff.  What you’ll be smelling is a New Orleans bouquet.  New Orleans isn’t a funny valentine.  New Orleans is a moveable feast.

Every night in New Orleans is like Saturday night in any other city.  Saturday night in New Orleans?  That’s like the 4th of July.

There is nothing like Mardi Gras.

During Mardi Gras, on the East Bank and on the West Bank, in Uptown and Downtown, in the back-o-town, in New Orleans East, Lakeview and the West End, in Carrolton, in the Lower 9, in Gert Town, and Pigeon Town, Central City, Mid-City, Zion City, Hollygrove, the New Marigny, and Greater Tremé, every thing is topsy-turvy and upside-down.  The New Orleans year revolves around Mardi Gras.  Right now, somebody is thinking about Mardi Gras.  At the very least, you are, but it’s not just you.

More than one person is sitting in half of their double shotgun right now and they’re thinking, “This next one is going to be the best Mardi Gras ever!!!” and they’re making plans for it.  They’re sewing their beads or their beans, or they’re making Mardi Gras flowers for their float, or their decorating shoes, or they’re hand writing invitations to their ball, or they’re eyeing the choicest spots on the Orleans Avenue neutral ground.  Whatever they’re doing, one thing binds them together: they are all thinking about Mardi Gras.

This past Mardi Gras really was really, really, really, really reallygood.  This next one is really, really gonna to be the even more better than that.  New Orleans moves in mythic time.  Everywhere you turn, there are miracles to catch.  New stories forever unfold on Esplanade Avenue every day.  A myriad of memories are made on our street.  They could be your best memories.

Mardi Gras Flowers
Mardi Gras flowers in our lobby, c. 2016

If you are thinking about visiting New Orleans next year or any year (there’s still time left in this year, ya know?) you know where you should stay.  You’re on the right website, folks.  At La Belle Esplanade a myriad of miracles unfurl every day into a drifting confetti that gets mixed in with our coffee.  We serve chicory coffee—the New Orleans blend!  Guaranteed to put pep in your step as good conversation wafts around you.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017: Our blog is going to take a new turn.  Your humble narrator is tired of talking about the inn so much.  We’ll always mention the inn but you don’t come here to read salestalk every time out the gate.  I’m gonna try to keep that to a minimum for awhile.  It’s time to get back to this blog’s roots.  It’s time to remember why this blog is justly called: “The Best Written Blog in New Orleans.”   It says it at the top of this page.