I am your humble narrator.  As regular readers of this blog know, I love New Orleans.  I’m not a native.  I have lived in New Orleans for eight years.  Frau Schmitt and I moved to New Orleans five years after Hurricane Katrina.  During this short tenure, we have become goodwill ambassadors for this wonderful city we call home.  Maybe you’ve visited New Orleans before.  Maybe this is your first time.  My advice to you, either way, is this: Love New Orleans like a grown woman.

Use both your head and your heart when you deal with New Orleans.  New Orleans has been around longer than you’ve been alive.  New Orleans knows better.  New Orleans is maternal with its bounty.  New Orleans has already seen the likes of you, before.  The city’s tricentennial is this year, 2018.  That’s a lot of experience under New Orleans’ belt.

There are many ways to love New Orleans.  This isn’t one of them.  In New Orleans, women are usually put on pedestals, at least the ones I know are.  Just ask Frau Schmitt.

Statue of Clio, Genius of Peace, Goddess of History, in front of La Belle Esplanade on Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans—right in front of our hotel.


New Orleans is not world-weary.  New Orleans is not jaded.  New Orleans is wise and knowing.  New Orleans has seen the worst that the human heart can produce.  New Orleans has also seen the best of people’s better natures.  Some people confuse New Orleans with an old whore and they look down on the city because of what they’ve read.  New Orleans is a matron.  Kiss New Orleans with the same mouth you use to kiss your mother.  New Orleans loves you.

Some parts of the world are ugly.  Some cities in this world are ugly.  New Orleans isn’t one of these.  New Orleans is beautiful.


New Orleans is not a coquette.  New Orleans is not a flapper.  New Orleans is not an ingénue.  New Orleans is not gullible.  New Orleans is not easy to manipulate.  New Orleans is not innocent.  New Orleans is not naive.  New Orleans is no fool.

Treat New Orleans like your second cousin twice removed.  New Orleans is all grown up.

Better yet, treat New Orleans like your sister.  You can’t get any closer than that.  New Orleans is New Orleans is New Orleans.  New Orleans is all grown up.  New Orleans deserves respect.  When you respect New Orleans history and culture, when you respect New Orleans’ personality, you respect yourself.  Love makes New Orleans go round and round and round and round.  New Orleans is like a kaleidoscope of ever-changing vistas and surprises.  New Orleans is a city of many moods.  New Orleans has both feminine and masculine aspects to its personality, but, mostly, New Orleans is humid.

Good memories are not commodities


Don’t coddle New Orleans.  New Orleans is not a little girl.  Don’t flatter New Orleans.  New Orleans can see right through you.  Don’t taunt New Orleans.  Don’t tease New Orleans.  Don’t speak badly of New Orleans.  New Orleans is the mother of mothers.  New Orleans is the mother of fathers.  Sons and daughters grow up, grow old, and they raise the next generations of New Orleanians.  New Orleans is eternal.  New Orleans rolls in a pre-destined circle of providence and the good God’s graces.

Bad things may happen in New Orleans, but everything turns out for the best.  New Orleans, today, is better than ever.  Ask any New Orleanian.  They’ll tell you the truth.

New Orleans is doing the best it can in an unforgiving world.  New Orleans has a big heart.  New Orleans forgives.  When New Orleans cries, angels weep.  New Orleans is the mostest and the greatest from the oldest to the latest.  Love New Orleans like a grown woman and you will sleep the sleep of the contented for the rest of your livelong days.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

New Orleans is the womb of jazz.  New Orleans is built on improvisation.  New Orleans is where chickens come home to roost.  Eggs hatch in New Orleans.  The fox is outside New Orleans’ henhouse.  He isn’t let in.  The Devil visited New Orleans once.  He got swept up in the glory, glory, hallelujah, Hail Mary pass that is New Orleans in the face of all adversity and he almost became a convert to something wholly different from his pride and self-importance.  The Devil hasn’t been back.  The Devil hates New Orleans.

Jean d’Arc statue in the French Market, in the French Quarter, in New Orleans, in Louisiana, in the United States of America


New Orleans is a city.  New Orleans is also a state of mind.  Don’t visit New Orleans like a tourist.  Visit like a New Orleanian.  Welcome to the New Orleans State of Mind.  This is where we live, on Esplanade Avenue.  When you are ready to visit this most remarkable city, you know where to find us.  Make a reservation to stay at our tiny personalized NOLA hotel.

Have a great New Orleans day, wherever you happen to find yourself,

-Your two friends at La Belle Esplanade.

…ranked the #1 inn in New Orleans and in Louisiana, the #3 inn in the U.S., the #17 place to stay in the whole world.

Monday, April 23, 2018:  Frau Schmitt is the better half of this operation.  She and I went to lunch at Mondo, up in Lakeview, as we usually do on Mondays.  Mondo Monday.  As always, we had an enjoyable New Orleans afternoon.