The Most Colorful Houses in New Orleans

If you take a bike tour or a bus tour up Esplanade Avenue, the tour will inevitably pause in front of La Belle Esplanade and its neighboring houses.  The guide will inevitably say that these are the most colorful houses in New Orleans and that these are typical Creole colors, since we are located in the Creole part of the city.  Well, I’m from Connecticut and Frau Schmitt is from Hamburg (Germany) and we picked the colors for La Belle Esplanade.  We are not Creoles.  We just love color.

The most colorful houses in New Orleans
You’ll find some good art in New Orleans


When we go to the French Market or peruse the poster and photography shops in the French Quarter, we don’t find any prints of our house.  We find this surprising, not because we like to boast that our boutique experience inn is a local landmark, but only because all day long people stop to take pictures of La Belle Esplanade.  We should get a nickel every time a person takes a picture of our house.  In 20 years, it would pay for the paint job.  Of course, in this humid and sun-baked climate the house will have been repainted three more times in the meanwhile.

A lab technician stayed with us recently.


The most colorful houses in New Orleans
A lab technician


I asked her and her partner why they had chosen to stay at La Belle Esplanade.  She answered that these seemed to be the most colorful houses in New Orleans.  I have no argument with that.  We hear it a lot.  Then, I offered her a cigar.  I didn’t have any Tiparillos on hand so I offered her one of my cheap machine made cigars that I like to chaw on (unlit, of course) at breakfast.  She declined.  She had already bought a box of hand rolled cigars from the New Orleans Cigar Factory on Decatur Street the day before.

Howzabout some music that makes me think about walking down a New Orleans street?



When you are in New Orleans, dance like nobody is watching.  You can do no wrong.

A day in New Orleans cannot be described by words alone.

A day in New Orleans is like a day nowhere else.

A day in New Orleans is magical.  Especially if you are staying in one of the most colorful houses in New Orleans.  Esplanade Avenue is la plus belle esplanade.  Dance like nobody is watching and sing.  Sing!  Sing!

That’s what life here is all about, the best parts of life, at least.  Backwards and forwards, whether you are wearing high heels or spats.


The most colorful houses in New Orleans
Frau Schmitt knows a good painting when she sees one.  She is usually right about these things.


When you get New Orleans, it gets you.

I was going to natter on for a bit longer but, since this whole website is dedicated to the most colorful houses in New Orleans, I figure tomorrow will be another good day to continue where we are leaving off now.  The best is yet to come.

À votre santé,

La Belle Esplanade

where every morning is the start of a new adventure.

Monday, Sept. 26, 2016:  40% chance of downpours.  Nothing but sweet, sweet sunshine all day long without a cloud in the sky.