Motor Scooter Mayhem!!!

Yeah, it’s New Orleans.  You expect a little mayhem in every day.  It comes with the territory.  Remember when I was talking about how much I enjoyed talking to Jill, the innkeeper at the Chimes B&B, Uptown?  Well I went to see Jill last Monday to talk shop and I had to leave early to check in our newest guests at Frau Schmitt’s and mine humble inn, La Belle Esplanade.

Here’s a picture of me before I left to meet Jill:


The best-written blog in New Orleans
Your humble narrator


Frau Schmitt left Jill after I did and she came to the inn to find our guests not checked in and me nowhere in sight.  Where was I?  I was lying in the middle of the neutral ground on Basin Street, right in front of the Basin Street NOPD station, victim of a motor scooter accident.

What happened is all a blur.  I remember laying the scooter down on the pavement and taking some punishment to my knee.  It had just started raining so the streets were at their slickest.  I remember being in the ambulance.  I remember being in the emergency room.  I remember seeing Frau Schmitt in the Trauma Intensive Care Unit and having all sorts of doctors question me about how many fingers I could see and telling them that I wasn’t happy to be where I was.  It’s all a blur.  My scooter accident happened last Monday, a week ago today.  I still think it happened on Friday.  So it goes….


The best-written blog in New Orleans
The day your humble narrator came home from the hospital…on Thursday!


Since then, Frau Schmitt, who I always say is the better half of this operation, has been running the show.  It’s only this morning that I stayed for the full length of breakfast to talk with our guests.  I look like a monster, but not as bad as when my left eye was totally swollen shut and bloody leaking.  I have a broken cheekbone and two broken ribs.  The ribs hurt more than my face, especially when I laugh, which isn’t often.  Looking like I do now, ya know who I feel like?  Sure you do.  It’s this slappy chappy:



I’m out there.  I’m out there for all of you.  New Orleans is a wonderful city.  I think its more wonderful than Paris, but your mileage may vary.  I’m not the only one in thinking New Orleans is better than Paris.  Find out for yourself.  One day in New Orleans will hold you forever, one day in New Orleans—out there—man, that’s life!  Wonderful life!

If you’ve been wondering why our blog and our Facebook page have been uncharacteristically quiet (yes, dear reader, you can follow La Belle Esplanade on Facebook), now you know.  I’ve been laid up, mending nicely, thanks for asking.

I’m almost at full strength, ugliness and all.  All this time on bedrest has given me time to think up some new schemes for La Belle Esplanade, for the New Orleans Odditarium, and for a couple of new websites, too.  There is ample goodness to go all around!  Stay tuned.

Recently, a guest stayed with us and she and I were chatting at breakfast and she mentioned that I was giving off “a kind of a Willie Wonka vibe.”  I replied that I often think of La Belle Esplanade as the chocolate factory as I give newcomers the introductory tour.  New Orleans is a world of pure imagination.  We live on a beautiful street.  Good memories are made here.  Come discover them for yourself.

Hold your breath.  Make a wish.  Count to three.  Welcome to New Orleans.

Welcome to New Orleans.

À votre santé,

La Belle Esplanade

where every morning starts with a curated breakfast salon.

Monday, March 12, 2017: New Orleans is full of surprises.  Some of them are frightening but they all turn out well and good in the end.  No one is bored in New Orleans.  It doesn’t even hurt if you laugh while you’re here.  All is good.  All is better than good when your heart is pure.