New Orleans: City of Promises

Let’s set the tone for this latest chapter which is entitled: “New Orleans: City of Promises.”  Trust me, unlike the theme of this song, our tale today won’t be a “why-buy-the-cow-when-you-can-get-the-milk-for-free” story.  I just like the accordion.



I prefer the original French lyrics to the English version of this song when it was released.  The video isn’t that good, but it’s the best available.  Trust me, I looked at a lot of them before I selected the one above, which is the official.  The artist is In-Grid, should you be inclined to hear more of her.  Every other song in her ouvre is much of the same.

New Orleans is a city of promises but you won’t here the accordion played often here, though this is the most Parisian of American cities.  The accordion is a Cajun instrument.  Cajuns are country people who live out in the swamp.  Creoles live in the city.  Cajun music is zydeco.  In New Orleans, it’s all jazz, jazz, jazz, unless it’s bounce music, which is another indigenous genre altogether.

New Orleans keeps its promises.  If you think you will have a good time in New Orleans, you will be proven right.  If you think you will be bored in New Orleans, shame on you.  New Orleans is better than that.  No one is bored in New Orleans.  The city is much, much more than what you’ll read about before you arrive.  New Orleans is better.  New Orleans is a real city where destinies are fulfilled.

Do I mean this in a good way or a bad way?  Some people are fated to thrive and rise above and beyond.  Excelsior New Orleans!  Some people are doomed to ignominy.  We trust you won’t fall into the latter.  New Orleans is magical.  New Orleans promises to treat you right.  That is one promise, no matter who you are, that New Orleans will keep.  The sun always shines in New Orleans, even when it’s raining.  Just come here in August and you’ll see the proof first hand.

You can believe New Orleans’ promises.  You can believe everything you read about New Orleans, but I’m writing this here to tell you that there is much more than what everyone has told you about this fair city we call home.  Nobody cares if you get drunk on the street in New Orleans, but nobody really encourages that, either.  There is more to New Orleans than getting drunk on the street.  If you don’t make a fool of yourself, New Orleans will treat you right.  If you do get drunk on Bourbon Street and pass out in a doorway, you may be missing your wallet when you wake up.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  New Orleans will treat you right.

New Orleans will promise you the thread of Ariadne and it won’t cut it.  What does that mean?  It’s in the song above.  If you don’t know, you had better bone up on your Greek mythology.  New Orleans is a city where there are streets named after the Nine Muses, classical gods and goddesses, Catholic saints, liberal arts, and more things than you’ll ever be able to decipher in a mere weekend.  New Orleans is dense and richly textured.  Stay for six nights or more.  Nobody ever says their stay in New Orleans is too long—-it is always too short.  There is always more to discover in New Orleans, more promises to uncover.

Dance like nobody is watching, even if they are:



New Orleans promises that you can mambo like you mean it.  You aren’t in limbo.  Dance like nobody is watching.  Have a good time.  You can sing, too.  As long as you are enjoying yourself, nobody minds if you add to the joyous chorus that is any day in New Orleans.

Have I mentioned that Frau Schmitt and I love where we live?  We do.  We love New Orleans. You will, too.  We don’t offer a money back guarantee if you don’t fall in love with this fair city we call home because we don’t have to.  You will.  We have seen it happen too many times, over and over and over again.  New Orleans keeps its promises.

If you can’t trust your innkeeper, who can you trust?


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Your humble narrator in our back garden

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