New Orleans is Idyllic

Hey, guess what?  We’re printing up leaflets to distribute at neighborhood tap rooms and bars and hotel lobbies and museum lobbies and staple to telephone poles.  New Orleans is idyllic.  Gotta get the word out.  One of us, I’ll let you guess which one, has written a declarative essay about what New Orleans is.  Here’s the text that we’ll be mimeographing and posting, not on the internet, but, all over physical locations in New Orleans, a city we love very much.


If you are bored in New Orleans, you have a hole in your imagination.  Once people get here and they are staying in a Central Business District Hotel, or in a French Quarter hotel, a lot of them get bored because there’s nobody to point them in the right direction off the squeezed-from-a-tube tourist market.  Not everyone can stay at La Belle Esplanade so we’re doing our part to distribute positive propaganda about the New Orleans State of Mind.  There is more to New Orleans than the French Quarter…


New Orleans is Idyllic
New Orleans is bigger and better than you think


Read on,  Feast your eyes and slake your hunger to satisfy your yearning to learn what it’s like to live in New Orleans….

New Orleans is Idyllic


There is no telling what will happen next in New Orleans.  New Orleans is a city full of delightful surprises.  You don’t need to be careful what you wish for in New Orleans.  Dream come true in New Orleans.  It can happen to you.

Wake up in a New Orleans state of mind.  Every good thing is possible in New Orleans.  In New Orleans, there is nothing to fear and plenty to love.  Every appetite is satisfied in New Orleans.  Whether your taste is for the sweet, the pungent, or the bland, no one goes thirsty in New Orleans.  There are few things insipid in New Orleans.

New Orleans nutures good memories and hopes for even better tomorrows.  The future in bright in New Orleans.  Everything is on the upswing in New Orleans.  Everything is coming up oleander in New Orleans.  

If you have been to New Orleans once, you have no idea how much you have missed.  If you have been to New Orleans three times, you have discovered a hint of what heaven is like here on earth.  If you visit New Orleans regularly, your heart will yearn for more.  Your heart must go on.


New Orleans is idyllic
Statue of Clio, goddess of peace and genius of history, on Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans


Not everyone can live in New Orleans.  If everyone lived in New Orleans, the rest of the world would seem even emptier than it does now.  

Everyone should visit New Orleans at least once in their life.  New Orleans is a part of America but it is also apart from America.  New Orleans is more French, more Spanish, more African, mor Haitian; in gimlet ways, the spirit of New Orleans is even more American than some other parts of America.  New Orleans is a place that welcomes all and that shares it’s polyglot trnasnational identity.

We’re all Americans and we are all in this together, but there is only one New Orleans.  New Orleans isn’t Mecca, but it is a mecca for bon vivants and musicians, for eccentrics, dreamers, mixologists, chefs, and other musicians, for con men confessers, confessors, missionaries, and ne’er-do-wells.  

New Orelans is a beacon in the global night.  The world would be a darker and sadder place if there were no New Orleans in it.  Just thinking about New Orleans will make a sensible person smile.  Just being in New Orleans is like heaven on earth.  

The people who live in New Orleans are the luckiest people of all.  Whatever their faith, orthodox or heretic, agnostic or atheist, Christian or pagan, infant or infedel, everyone who lives in New Orleans thanks their lucky stars that they do.  

There is nowhere else on God’s green earth, this big blue marble, like New Orleans.  In a New Orleans state of mind, love makes the world go around.


New Orleans is Idyllic.  You didn’t hear it here first, but we’re confirming what you’ve heard.

If you are interested in experiencing the New Orleans state of mind, you know where to stay.  You are on our website.  I’ve got three words for you.  I’ll capitalize them for you: LA BELLE ESPLANADE.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017:  It’s been windy today but the sun has been cerulean blue punctuated with cottony clouds all day.  Hope springs eternally in New Orleans.  Everything is coming up oleander!