New Orleans Tricentennial Place to Stay

New Orleans turns 300 years old next year.  The city is all a-flutter and twittipated about it.  Frau Schmitt and I live here, thick in the traditions and culture of New Orleans, so we just take it in stride.  Any day in New Orleans is a day spent living in long history.  New Orleans stays true to its roots.  While the city has changed over the past three centuries, someone from 1718, from 1818, or from 1918 would still recognize the bones of this fair city Frau Schmitt and I call home.  We’re expecting a lot of visitors next year but New Orleans expects a lot of visitors every year.  10.45 million people visited New Orleans in 2016.  The numbers aren’t in for 2017, yet, it’s too early.  How many will visit in 2018?  Who knows?  Where is the best New Orleans tricentennial place to stay?  Well, for that question, we have an answer.


The best place to stay in New Orleans
Four years in a row. How long have we been open? A little over four years.


This isn’t a plug for TripAdvisor.  It’s just to let you know that we’re aiming to shoot for 5 full years on the top of the list.  Our calendar is open for 2018.  The time to make a reservation is now.

As the #1 ranked place to stay in New Orleans (and all of Louisiana, as I always like to append) since April, 2014, you might imagine that people will want to stay at our landmark boutique experience inn located equidistant between the French Quarter and Frenchmen Street in one direction and City Park and the New Orleans Museum of Art in the other direction.  We like to think of La Belle Esplanade as being your New Orleans tricentennial place to stay, but we think La Belle is always the best option if you are thinking of visiting New Orleans.

Something is always happening in New Orleans.

It’s gonna be the city’s 300th birthday.  That’s special of course, but every day spent in New Orleans is special.  There is no substitute for a day in New Orleans.  Trust me.  I live here.  I’ve lived a lot of places and I’ve visited a lot of places.  There is no place else as spectacular as New Orleans.  New Orleans is stockpiled with the spice of life.  New Orleans is thrice as nice as what you expect.  Check your expectations at the airport and prepare to be immersed in the New Orleans state of mind.


Trumpet flowers in New Orleans
The garden in back of your New Orleans tricentennial place to stay


Life is good here.  I’m reasonably sure that I’ve mentioned it before, but, just in case I haven’t, there’s no time like the present to make an inarguable declarative statement:  IT IS EASY TO FALL IN LOVE WITH NEW ORLEANS.  IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO FALL OUT OF LOVE WITH NEW ORLEANS.  I wouldn’t trust a goldfish to anyone who fell out of love with New Orleans after having been here.  That’s a person who must have a heart shriveled smaller than a goldfish’s brain.  You may imagine your goldfish loves you as he swims in circles in his bowl but, take it from me, New Orleans will love you, in the flesh, in the spirit, and in the round.


New Orleans tricentennial place to stay
Amtrak poster, Union Station, New Orleans, LA


Well, I’ve already mentioned that our calendar is open for next year.  That’s the most important thing to get across: make a reservation for next year’s visit to New Orleans now, while you can.

I’ve also mentioned that 2018 is going to be the tricentennial of The City Of New Orleans.  If I were thinking about visiting New Orleans, I would choose next year as an ideal come to come.  Why not?  Been to New Orleans before?  Well not on it’s 300th birthday you haven’t.  Haven’t been to New Orleans at all?  What better year than 2018?  It’s not often you are in a place that is a part of history [Ed. note: Apologies in advance to our wonderful regular readers from Wewoka, Oklahoma].

What else is there to talk about?  Not much, I suppose except to wish you all a toast to your health….

À votre santé,

La Belle Esplanade

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Saturday, July 29, 2017:  It rained a little, shined a little, blue-skied a little, and grayed a little.  The sun came up and the sun went down and all the day long you felt it with all your heart that you can’t keep a good city down.