A Night at a New Orleans Theater

We went to the theater.  I shot a little video footage before I was discovered.  My shaky camera wasn’t confiscated.  I’m here to tell the tale.



The Orpheum is a beautifully restored venue.  You probably aren’t coming to New Orleans to listen to the philharmonic orchestra.  Frau Schmitt, who is the better half of this operation, and I live here, though.  We get to hear plenty of jazz every day.  We sometimes like to change it up a little bit and enjoy a respite of classical music.  That’s why we went to the Orpheum.

It’s beautiful in the Orpheum, the way most things in New Orleans are beautiful.  We live in a real city with a lot of history.  The old buildings are beautiful.  Some of the newer architecture is less beautiful, but the whole city is imbued with a distinctive culture and joie de vivre we’ve never encountered anywhere else we’ve had the pleasure to live.  It really is magical in New Orleans.  Look at this moulding above one of the doors in the Orpheum:

A night at a New Orleans theater
A face at the theater in New Orleans


It’s not just the theater itself that is breathtaking.  The men’s room was pretty swank and luxurious, too.  I didn’t have a chance to check out the ladies’s room.  When you walk into the men’s room there’s a full length mirror.  I couldn’t help but snap a photo of your humble narrator.


Night at a New Orleans theater
It was a beautiful night at a New Orleans theater


Now you know what I look like when I’m not wearing a hat.  Surprise!  I’m not bald.  And, yes, I do dress the same when I go to the theater as I do at breakfast.  It’s all part of the package.  Just as we decorate our inn, I always say, “When you look good, you are good.”  La Belle Esplanade is very, very good.

Look at the marble tiles on that men’s room floor.  Like my wardrobe, and like La Belle Esplanade, a boutique experience inn where you are more than welcome to make your headquarters for New Orleans adventures, the Orpheum Theater is all about attention to details.

It was a very nice night.


A night at a New Orleans Theater
A night at a New Orleans theater—The Orpheum!


Come find out more about the other side of New Orleans that most tourists don’t get a chance to see.  Why don’t they?  Because nobody tells them about the New Orleans that’s off the usual tourist grid.  Frau Schmitt and I are always happy to tell you all about the things ignored by the guidebooks and the typical travel media.  Come see for yourself.

À votre santé,

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017:  The second weekend of Jazz Fest starts tomorrow.  It rained today but good weather is predicted for the rest of the Fest.  Even when it’s raining in New Orleans, it’s like the sun is out.  Everybody is happy and alive.  You know what FFF means?  It means Fest Friends Forever!