One night in New Orleans

One night in New Orleans and the world will be your oyster.  Seven nights in New Orleans and your world will be a string of pearls.  Ask any girl wearing a pearl earring and she’ll tell you—– SEVEN DAYS AWAY FROM NEW ORLEANS WILL MAKE ONE WEAK.

Live strong.  That’s the New Orleans way.  Live happy.  That’s also the New Orleans way.  That makes two great ways of living that go great together.  When you are in love with New Orleans, you’ll have fresh breath a bright smile.

Live happy and die happier.  That really IS the New Orleans way.  The reason the cemeteries are above ground in New Orleans is because no one wants to wait an extra few seconds to get home.  Home is where the heart is.  Welcome to New Orleans.

Sometimes you feel like a nut.  Sometimes you feel like New Orleans.  New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Santa Fe, Phoenix, Kansas City, those cities have got their nuts.  New Orleans don’t.


Another New Orleans day
A beautiful New Orleans Street, a beautiful New Orleans day!


Why is New Orleans always written in plural?

Why not New Orlean, without the ‘s’ on the end?  There really is only one.  How many orleans do you know of?  I only know the one and only Orlean.  It’s the new one.  New and Improved Orleans.  New Orleans smells like April freshness, except in the French Quarter.  The French Quarter has a smell all its own.

There are so many good times contained in this city that one city can’t possibly contain them all, can it?.  But New Orleans does contain ’em all.  It does!  And more!  A day and a night in New Orleans beggars belief.  One night in New Orleans may make you dizzy.  Seven nights in New Orleans will make you strong and happy to be alive.  Try it.

New Orleans isn’t Lincoln, Nebraska.  New Orleans is not Wewoka, Oklahoma.  New Orleans is not Hinton, West Virginia.  New Orleans is not Montpelier, Vermont; Bismarck, North Dakota; Boston, Massachusetts; Pocatello, Idaho; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Charleston, South Carolina; Washington, DC; New London, Connecticut; Honolulu, Hawaii; Key West, Florida; Baraboo, Wisconsin; St. Paul, Minnesota; Bangor, Maine; Seattle, Washington; or Ottumwa, Iowa.

New Orleans is probably nothing like where you live if you don’t live in any of the places I’ve just listed.  I don’t mean this to sound condescending.  Lincoln, Wewoka, Hinton, Montpelier, etc., these are all fine cities full of upstanding citizens.  Your hometown is, too.  None of these places are New Orleans, though.  There is no place else like New Orleans.  There is only one New Orleans.  New Orleans is a place so full of possibilities that they had to name it plural.  New Orleans is magical.

One Orlean couldn’t possibly hold all the magic that all of New Orleans holds.

There are many New Orleans located within Orleans Parish, depending on where you find yourself.  If you find yourself planted in the French Quarter, well, okay, there is only one Orlean and it isn’t very new.  It’s the same old, same old tourist trap destination you can find all over the globe, designed to suck money out of your wallet.  If you’ve taken a Caribbean cruise and disembarked for a day in some island port town full of knicknack shops and “local” color, you know that New Orleans.  My parents went to New Orleans and all I got was this lousy tee shirt.

Outside the guidebook tourist grid version of New Orleans, this marvelous city is a parti-colored and ever shifting kaleidoscope, a Coney Island of the heart, a funhouse.  New Orleans even puts the fun into funeral.  Everyone smiles in New Orleans.  Even the skeletons grin.  Life goes on.  Life in New Orleans goes on.  Off the tourist radar, everyone in New Orleans is just going about their lives, making the most of them, happy to say hello and invite you into their world.  Even the skeletons dance.



Mama Mia!  New Orleans is a spicy city.   It’s not too spicy.  New Orleans is just right.

New Orleans is a spicy city.

If you like it black and mild, or you like it light and sweet, New Orleans has the perfect experience waiting just for you.  Put your big boy or big girl pants on.  Come as you are.  Dress up or dress down.  Come as you are.  Be yourself.  Casual, formal, business casual… ski bum, beach bum, hobo… dad jeans, mom jeans, capri pants, Bermuda shorts, yoga pants, compression shorts, harem pants, khakis, dress slacks, a seersucker suit… everyone is comfortable in New Orleans wherever they go.  Just ask this joker:


La Belle Esplanade Innkeeper
Everyone’s favorite New Orleans innkeeper!

Your humble narrator is a man in love with every aspect of New Orleans.  He and his better half and fellow innkeeper (often referred to as “The A Team” by their innkeeper acquaintances) love to share everything they know about this ever-revolving, fantastically magical, supercalifragilistiic and scrumpdillyicious city they call home.

Frau Schmitt is the better half of this operation.  She and I love to share what we know about New Orleans.  There is more than one New Orleans.  You can have an off-the-rack New Orleans experience at a chain hotel, or you can have a personally recommended, tailored, curated, and bespoke New Orleans adventure.  If you want to experience the real New Orleans off the usual tourist radar, well, here we are.  Discover the real New Orleans.  It always smells like April freshness where we live, even in November.

One night in New Orleans is fine.  Seven nights in New Orleans will be dandy.  Come stay at La Belle Esplanade to make your New Orleans adventures come true.  No one ever says their visit is too long.  It is always too short.  The longer you stay, the more you’ll learn that there is more to discover.

There is only one place where you can make a reservation at La Belle Esplanade.  It is this website.  Click the “Check Availability” button at the top of this page to see which suites we have available.  We only have five suites so everyone can’t stay at La Belle Esplanade—only a lucky few who reserve early: the quick and the lively.  Get your good self ready for the chance of a lifetime.  Use your better intuition when you pick a headquarters for your New Orleans adventures.

À votre santé,

La Belle Esplanade

….your New Orleans headquarters that is not like any other hotel you’ve ever stayed in.  Good memories are made on our street.

Sunday, November 12, 2017:  I’d tell you how pleasant today was but I don’t want to make you jealous compared to your Sunday.  Come see for yourself and learn what it means to fall in love with New Orleans.  New Orleans is very, very, very good.  A pleasant adventure unfolds every day.