Running the Numbers In New Orleans

A fish below the ice in City Park

I noticed today that we’ve received our 333rd review on Trip Advisor.  I remember when we didn’t have any.  For a smidge over two years, we’ve been ranked the #1 place to stay in New Orleans, and in all of Louisiana, really.  It’s quite a feather in our cap and one of which we feel justly proud.  Believe me, we never thought we’d be ranked #1.

For those readers who haven’t read reviews of our inn, and there are other places where you can read reviews about our inn besides on Trip Advisor, but, Trip Advisor seems to be where everyone thinking about coming to New Orleans goes to help make up their minds of where to stay, here’s a breakdown by the numbers:

La Belle Esplanade

333 Total Reviews
323 Excellent
10   Very Good
0    Average
0    Poor
0    Terrible

307 in English
12  in French
7  in German
3  in Italian
2  in Swedish
1  in Dutch
1  in Norwegian
1  in Portuguese

Those are some pretty impressive numbers, if I do say so myself.  I always find it interesting to see how many reviews are written in languages other than English.  Very few, it turns out.  We don’t have many but I think we have more than anyone else in New Orleans, though I haven’t made a systematic study of the matter.  Let’s just say we are a cosmopolitan inn.

We have no control of what our ranking is on Trip Advisor.  The number is based entirely on the ratings we receive from our guests. We know some other innkeepers who try to game the system and have friends or professional services submit reviews on their behalf.  Trip Advisor frowns on that and they seem to do a pretty good job of weeding out the falsehoods.

Every one of our 333 reviews was written by someone who stayed at La Belle Esplanade.  I know because I recognize everyone who wrote a review.  When you run a small boutique operation the way we do, you get to know your guests.  This isn’t a 400-plus-room hotel.  We only have five suites.  We spend a lot of time talking with our guests every morning.  It’s a nice way to do business.

It’s nice to stay here, too, apparently.  We don’t have room service, but we are always around if you need help with something.  We don’t have a microwave in the suites, or even in the building, but this way the house never stinks of popcorn or fish.  There isn’t any valet parking, instead, you just park on the street in front of our house for free (not that you need to rent a car—you don’t).  We have free wi-fi, too.  We’re not here to nickel-and-dime you.  Pay the going rate and we’ll throw in a lot of lagniappe.

So, not to boast or blow our own horn, but we’re very happy and humbled to have the chance to do what we do.  We enjoy being innkeepers.  It ain’t work when ya like whatcha do.  We’re looking forward to reading and responding to the next 333 reviews.  Now, how many will that make?

À votre santé,
La Belle Esplanade
where every morning is a curated breakfast salon.

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