Take Notes in New Orleans—Take Field Notes

As I wander around New Orleans I am bombarded by sights and sounds, by smells and by sensations, too many to count.  Stray ideas pop into my head, sparked by the kaleidoscopic carousel of New Orleans’ never-ending parade.  Even when nothing is going on in New Orleans, something is going on.  It’s all so much to remember.  That’s why it makes sense to take notes in New Orleans.


48 pages are just the right amount to fill up over the course of a week and a week is the perfect amount of time to spend on a visit to New Orleans.  No one ever says their visit is too long and no one is ever bored in New Orleans.  New Orleans will provide you with plenty of good information worth writing down and a simple 48-page pocket notebook will provide you the perfect medium to record your adventures.  Take notes in New Orleans.  You won’t regret it.


I am always happy to see you but that’s only a notebook in my pocket.  I am never without a pocket notebook when I am out and about in New Orleans.  I learned long ago that it makes sense to take notes in New Orleans whenever something noteworthy happens.  The notebook brand I prefer in the field is Field Notes.

As it says on the inside back cover of most Field Notes editions, “Inspired by the subgenre of agricultural notebooks, ornate pocket ledgers, and the simple, unassuming beauty of a well-crafted grocery list, the Draplin Design Co., Portland, Ore– in conjunction with Coudal Partners, Chicago, Ill.– brings you ‘FIELD NOTES‘ in hopes of offering ‘An honest memo book worth fillin’ up with ‘GOOD INFORMATION.'”

Every Field Notes notebook is well constructed, a well-considered thing of authentic and utilitarian beauty. It’s a notebook that fits comfortably in one’s palm.  The page corners are rounded to prevent them from catching on the seams of a pocket.  You will never get a paper cut.  They are available lined, graph, or blank.  I prefer a dot graph, which allows for just enough infrastructure to keep my thoughts focussed but not so much so that my penmanship, like my imagination, can’t run free.  Dot graph notebooks aren’t standard issue, though.

Right now, I am not using a dot graph notebook.  I am using a special checklist edition.

Here is a picture of the outside:

A pocket notebook worth keeping on hand.
Ready to be filled up with good information.


Here is a picture of the inside:

Good New Orleans memories are worth writing down!
The elegant penmanship of your humble narrator.


Every three months or so, the company releases a special edition to subscribers.  The checklist edition is one of them.  Guess what?  I have a subscription.  The special edition is always a pleasant surprise that arrives via USPS in a set of two: one to use and one to collect.  I use them all.  I am not much of a collector except of good memories.

It’s a good thing I live in New Orleans.

Take notes in New Orleans when you visit.  Here a few of my most recent notebooks, all filled up with fascinating memories I won’t bore you with here.  Interspersed with the extended good stuff that I really paid attention to (like this blog post), there are quizzical addenda like “London Pride,” and, “Dave,” words and phrases that no longer have a frame of reference.  It’s all good.

Here is a picture of the notebooks I’ve filled up since November 11, 2017:

"I am not writing it down to remember it later. I'm writing it down to remember it now."
There are a lot of good ideas and impressions, a lot of good memories, recorded in those Field Notes memo books.


If you have a hankering for a good pocket notebook, we recommend Field Notes brand.  If you want to be like me, you’ll get a subscription.  This isn’t a paid endorsement.  They don’t even know I’m writing this.  I just happen to be a fan.  They make interesting short subject films about their notebooks, too.



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À votre santé.

La Belle Esplanade

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Saturday, March 10, 2018:  Besides writing this blog entry in my Field Notes, I had lunch at Toups’ Meatery, where I did the writing.  Good food, good drink, good memories—welcome to the New Orleans state of mind.

——-The people have spoken!——