Test for Echo—Echo’s Pizza in New Orleans

Frau Schmitt and I eat out a lot.  That’s part of our job.  I know, I know.  It’s a tough life when eating out is part of our job.  There are over 800 restaurants in New Orleans.  Frau Schmitt and I have eaten at over 480 of them.  Somebody has to.  We decided today to test Echo’s Pizza, a new pizzeria in Mid-City, on Banks Street.

Truth be told, we’ve eaten there once before.  We liked it the first time.  This was our second time.  Today, we tested for an echo of our great first-time experience.  Results:  Favorable.  Two thumbs up.

Frau Schmitt is the better half of this operation.  Me, I’m just the pretty face of this operation (which is not to imply that Frau Schmitt doesn’t have a pretty face.  Far from it).  Frau Schmitt had the idea to have pizza for lunch at Echo’s this afternoon.  I was all for it.  I love pizza.  Who doesn’t?  I especially love New Orleans pizza.  You shoulda seen that statement coming.  I love all things New Orleans.  We live in a magical city.

This isn’t New Orleans music, but it’s gonna be the soundtrack for today’s post.  I prefer older Rush, myself, than this song, but still, hey, it’s Rush!  Frau Schmitt and I have arranged our tiny personalized hotel the way Neil Peart has arranged his drum kit.  We know where everything is and we have learned how to deploy what we’ve assembled to best effect for our guests.  Now this is drumming:



It’s good.  It’s real good.  It’s on Banks Street.  I always say that Banks Street is the Esplanade Avenue of Mid-City because it is the spine of mid-city.  Some people would say that the spine is Canal Street, but I disagree.  We can debate that point over breakfast if you want to.  I have my well-considered reasons.

Echo’s Pizza opened about two months ago, maybe three.  It’s run by two successful restauranteurs who started out with a small restaurant on Esplanade Avenue.  Kate is involved.

Past guests know that Kate is the proprietor of Leo’s Breads.  Kate is the baker of some of the best bread we serve at La Belle Esplanade.  Echo’s also sells loaves of bread, and that was the reason we went today—we wanted to buy a loaf of bread.  We have four Germans staying at our inn for the next couple of days and if there is something Germans love, they love good bread.  Kate bakes excellent bread.  I will venture so far as to say that Kate Heller bakes the best bread in New Orleans.  There.  I said it.  No offense intended toward Bellegarde Bakery, whose loaves we also often serve.



Echo's Pizza Menu!
The menu at Echo’s Pizza, all the makings for a memorable meal.


We ate too much, which is often the case.  Frau Schmitt and I shared a salad, which had a delicious dressing of preserved lemon vinaigrette.  I had a Pizza Margherita with anchovies.  I love anchovies.  Don’t worry, we don’t serve anchovies for breakfast at our tiny bespoke hotel.  Frau Schmitt had the Burrata pizza.

The only shortcoming I can see on Echo’s menu: there is no Hawaiian pizza.  They’ve only just opened.  Maybe in time.

All in all, a lovely lunch.  Here is a photo of the tile mosaic in the main dining area:

Echo's pizza: good the first time, good the second time!
A hand-painted tile mural of bayou country, complete with peacocks and alligators.


Get a rush.  Catch a wish.  Test for echo.  Don’t settle for a multi-national chain hotel.  No concierge in a French Quarter hotel is going to send you to Echo’s Pizza.  This isn’t a tourist trap. Echo’s is for people who live in New Orleans and who love New Orleans.  No wonder we like it.  It’s good the way New Orleans is good.

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Have a great New Orleans day, wherever you happen to find yourself.

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Every day in New Orleans is a good day.
Testing for echo in Mid-City, New Orleans, daydreaming good thoughts about good pizza at La Belle Esplanade.