The Best New Orleans Facebook Page

Seek the things that are above.  You can find them on any New Orleans street where you happen to find yourself.  Follow men’s eyes as they look to the skies, but also follow them as they pop into the local convenience store, or gas station, or corner grocery, or local bar.  Angles ride bicycles up and down the avenues and boulevards that make up New Orleans’ street grid.  We live in a magical city.  New Orleans miracles are everywhere you look.  You know what I’m going to recommend when I tell you about the best New Orleans Facebook page?  That’s right; La Belle Esplanade.

Every day, once, twice, five times a day, I’ll witness something that happens that gives me pause and makes me appreciate that I am alive.  I thank my lucky stars.  Even more so when I get to be a participant in the charmed vignettes that make up the fabric of a New Orleans day.

New Orleans is full of majestic beauty.
Look to the things that are above while you are in New Orleans.

If you don’t follow La Belle Esplanade’s Facebook page, this would be a good time to do so.  It really is the best New Orleans Facebook page.  We put a lot of things up on it every day, very few of them touristy.  Every morning we post a photo of something your humble narrator has passed when he’s walking the dog while going about his rounds to buy bread and pastry for our guests.

Around noon, we post a video of things I encounter over the course of my day.  Welcome to The New Orleans State of Mind.  There are angels in the details.  We just concluded a series of videos of fountains in City Park, which is at the end of our street.  We are in the middle of a series about the geese that have recently been crossing my path while I walk the dog around Big Lake, again, in City Park.

In the afternoon or early evening, we post something that I’ve overheard in New Orleans.  We’re up to Episode XXVII as of today.  I don’t plan these out.  I keep my ears open and when I hear something that catches my fancy, that I think illustrates what it’s like to live here, I jot it down and then I post it on our Facebook page.  One never knows what they will encounter in New Orleans but you can be pretty sure that it will be a pleasant surprise.

New Orleans miracles are all around.  Open eye, open heart; miracles will find you in this wonderful city we call home.

The Best Facebook Page in New Orleans
I love where I live and not just because of the weather—but the weather is always nice.

You know how you go to some hotels’ Facebook pages and they haven’t been updated in a month or more?  It’s as bad as finding a hotel website that has a dead blog.  La Belle has neither.  We are actively engaged in trying to share what it is like to live in New Orleans whether you have the chance to stay at our small artisanal hotel or not.  Over 17 million people visited New Orleans last year.  We only have five suites.  Not everyone can stay at La Belle.  We don’t have the room.  Still, we want to give you a taste of what it is like to live in this city that is like no other.  We aim to always be New Orleans goodwill ambassadors.

What’s the best New Orleans Facebook page again?  It’s La Belle Esplanade.  Check it out.  Follow us and keep in tune with The New Orleans State of Mind.  It’s not all about Bourbon Street and the French Quarter.  It’s even more interesting and more better.

-Have a great New Orleans day today, wherever you happen to be!

-La Belle Esplanade

…ranked the #1 place to stay in New Orleans and in Louisiana, #3 in the U.S., and the #17 place to stay in the whole world.

New Orleans is beautiful.
Find photos like this and many, many more on the best New Orleans Facebook page.

Monday, October 1, 2018: Nobody ever says their visit to New Orleans is too long.  It is always too short.  The longer you stay, especially if you get outside the tourist bubble, the more you’ll realize how much there is going on here and how much you are missing.

——-The people have spoken!——