The Blondest Blonde in New Orleans

Katie is the blondest blonde you will ever meet.  She is a waitress extraordinaire at Ralph’s-on-the-Park.  All of the waitresses at Ralph’s-on-the-Park are servers par excellence but you’ll know Katie when you meet her.  She’ll be the one who is blond.


I don’t have a picture of Katie to share with you.  Instead, here is a picture of your humble narrator in the barroom at Ralph’s-on-the-Park.  Katie took this snapshot.  She left fingerprints all over my phone.

The best lamps in a New Orleans restaurant!
La Belle Esplanade meets Ralph’s-on-the-Park

Katie used to be a hairdresser.  She has probably been many things over the course of her life but I’m not privy to any details about her past, or about her present, for that matter.  When you meet Katie, what you see is what you’ll get.  That is more than enough.  Anymore could overwhelm you.

Katie has a purposeful stride.  When the dining room is busy, Katie is focused on making sure that everyone gets what they want when they want it, and the way they’ll like it.  Katie has presence.  When she carries a stack of plates, other people instinctively get out of her way.  She’s on a mission.  Whatever Katie does, she does it with a ruby red smile.

Good food in New Orleans!
The justly famous Shrimp Skully at the justly famous Ralph’s-on-the-Park in New Orleans, LA.


Here’s a fun fact that you probably don’t know:  Katie doesn’t like cranberry juice.  She finds it too tart for her taste.  In this case, opposites don’t attract.

Here’s another fun fact that you probably don’t know: Katie has the softest hands you’ll ever be lucky enough to hold.  Very, very, very, very, very few people know this.  Shaking hands with Katie is like taking hold of a cloud.  Katie works hard but she has the softest hands—-they don’t even have a hint of a callous or rough patch.  I don’t know for sure but I suspect this is sign that Katie has a heart as purely platinum as her hair.


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Have a great New Orleans day today, wherever you happen to be.  We look forward to meeting you.

La Belle Esplanade.

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Monday, September 10, 2018:  Ralph’s-on-the-Park is closed on Mondays.  Don’t worry, there are plenty of other places to visit on a Monday in New Orleans.  We live in a kaleidoscope of a city.  You’ll see when you get here.  Your New Orleans goodwill ambassadors love to share everything we know about this wonderful city we call home.

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