There Are No Squares in New Orleans

There are no squares in New Orleans, only square pegs in round holes.  They all fit just right.

Remember the old Shakey’s Pizza Pledge?  La Belle Esplanade adheres to that philosophy.

Ye Olde Notice

LA BELLE ESPLANADE HAS NO QUARREL WITH THOSE INNS WHO CHARGE LESS…they know what their rooms and service are worth!

Shakey’s Pizza was a chain that was popular when I was a kid.  I was surprised to find they are still in business.  I haven’t been in one since I was a kid.  There are 60 outlets remaining in the U.S., according to Wikipedia.  Also according to Wikipedia, there are 153 Shakey’s in the Philippines, of all places.  I believe this since their corporate website ends with a ‘.ph” designation.  See for yourself.  They must be giving Jollibee a run for their money.

Shakey’s hook was that they had someone playing dixieland jazz in the restaurant, either at the piano or on the banjo—or both.  That’s what I remember most about Shakey’s Pizza.  It made quite the impression on me and I’ve always liked traditional dixieland jazz.

And, look at where I live now, in the birthplace of jazz.  Dixieland jazz is still something you can hear every day in New Orleans if you care to.  It’s one of the city’s indigenous music genres.  I recommend Fritzel’s European Jazz Cafe in the French Quarter.  People think Fritzel’s is a European jazz cafe because of the name.  The only thing European about it is the decor, which is High German.  The music is pure old-school New Orleans.  Fritzel’s is located exactly 1.1 miles from our front door as the pelican flies.

Like Goldilocks, we think you’ll find La Belle Esplanade to be just right.  Like Goldilocks said about Shakey’s Pizza, we think you, too, will exclaim about La Belle Esplanade, “This is what I call a fun place!”  There are no squares in New Orleans.


We give our guests a lot of lagniappe, but we don’t give out free frisbees.

Just for fun, here’s a look at some old Shakey’s Pizza advertisements from Charlotte, NC to give you an idea of what the vibe was like at Shakey’s back in the day.  I only was inside one once, I think it was in Colorado, but, as I say, it made quite the impression on me.

Shakey’s used to have their own pledge of allegiance.

There are no squares in New Orleans
It’s the only image I can find on the internet. Apparently, no one thought to take pictures of this sign.


Some of our guests have modified the Shakey’s pledge to this:

The La Belle Pledge

“Vacation-wise, I pledge allegiance to


the only real, authentic,

first, original, certified genuine

boutique experience inn in New Orleans!

I always get all misty-eyed when people recite it.

There are no squares in New Orleans.  If you think you might fit in America’s Most Unique City, consider staying at La Belle Esplanade.  You won’t regret it and you might just learn a thing or three.  Thanks for stopping by.

À votre santé,

La Belle Esplanade

…where every day is a curated breakfast salon.

September 8, 2016:  I hope every day is like today.  I never want to know what it means to miss New Orleans.