Top Ten New Orleans Secrets Revealed!!!

I know a secret.  I know more than ten of them.  The ten best secrets I know are the top ten New Orleans secrets.  They’re all real doozies.  Will I reveal them here in today’s installment of “The Best Written Blog in New Orleans?”  Read on…  Read on…

Would these eyes lie?

La Belle Esplanade innkeeper
Your humble narrator. Photo taken in Lakeview, at The Steak Knife.


I know a king’s ransom worth of New Orleans secrets.  That’s the kind of thing that happens when you live in New Orleans.  It’s just one danged secret being revealed after another.  It’s amazing that I have time to get anything done, what with keeping track of all the secrets I’ve uncovered over the past few years.  People are always telling me that mum’s the word, and I do generally keep mum about  these secrets—-UNTIL NOW!!!

If you want wide-ranging conversations over breakfast while you stay in New Orleans, well, you’ve come to the right website.  I’m full of trivia.  Frau Schmitt, who is the better half of this operation, is usually the saner head that prevails.  My job is to write this blog and to make sure our boutique experience inn is an interesting place in which to stay.  I know more than ten New Orleans secrets.  How many of them would you like to know?  Top ten New Orleans secrets, indeed!  I know the top hundred.  I know the top two hundred.  I know a thousand!!!!

How Many Top Ten New Orleans Secrets Do You Know?

Some things are best kept secret so that you can discover them for yourself.  New Orleans is full of delightful and serendipitous surprises.  If you follow your nose long enough, you’ll figure out the top ten New Orleans secrets, and them some more.  I could give you the list, but where would be the fun in that for you?

Don’t just stay in New Orleans for your vacation.  Don’t just visit.  Live in New Orleans for a couple of days, embed yourself in the New Orleans state of mind.  Discover what it’s like to be a New Orleanian, even if only for a short time.

Compile your own top ten New Orleans secrets list for yourself.  New Orleans is a hypnotically flamboyant and reverent city, a place full of charmed contradictions and diversions that are both delightful and dignified  You’ll see.  You will find what you are looking for.  You can stay at at a chain hotel, or an AirBnB, or any other place that charges you money to sleep under their roof.  You can get what you pay for.


La Belle Esplanade, New Orleans, LA
La Belle Esplanade is beautiful in the morning—its beautiful in the evening, too.

I know a secret.  Here is one of the top ten New Orleans secrets that you should know:  You can stay at La Belle Esplanade.  At La Belle, you will get more than what you pay for.  You can’t put a price on a king’s ransom of juicy secrets.

So, to answer the question at the beginning of today’s post, No, we’re not gonna reveal all the top ten New Orleans secrets here.  Only one, the most important one you should remember when you’re researching where to stay.  You are on the right website.  Check to see if we have a suite available.  We only have five suites, so not everyone can get in on this secret.  Make a reservation while you can.

La Belle Esplanade may just be the best kept open secret in all of New Orleans.  Come experience it for yourself and get swept up in the New Orleans state of mind.  Our city really is magical.  Especially the part we call home.  Come see for yourself.

À votre santé,

La Belle Esplanade

Staying here is unlike staying in any other hotel in New Orleans, or anywhere else for that matter.  We say this in only the best way you can take it.  Take it and run with it.  Make a reservation today.

Saturday, October 13, 2017: Oktoberfest at the Deutches Haus is going on at the City Park end of street tonight, and next weekend, too.  Frau Schmitt, who is the better half of this operation, is doing some volunteer work up there.  I’ll be meeting her when her shift is over.  Why aren’t I volunteering?  I am, but what I’m doing for Oktoberfest is a secret.  Prost!