Where to Stay in New Orleans

Where to stay in New Orleans?  That is the question.  It makes little difference to me where you choose to stay.  La Belle Esplanade is a boutique experience inn located outside the French Quarter, so it may not be for you.  As I have mentioned more than once in these essays, if your idea of an ideal New Orleans vacation is getting pass-out drunk outside a Bourbon Street strip club, La Belle Esplanade probably won’t be your top choice.  Try the Ritz-Carlton.


Get into a New Orleans state of mind and off the usual tourist radar


It’s been a few months (years?) since we’ve deployed our patented “Wheel of Accommodations” on our blog.  Spin the wheel and see where it recommends for you to stay.  Since you are on La Belle Esplanade’s website, the wheel already knows that you predisposed to staying in a real New Orleans neighborhood, close to the hurly-burly of the French Quarter, but far enough away to discover what it’s like to live in New Orleans, to love New Orleans off the usual tourist radar.

Where to stay in New Orleans?  Take a spin:


I know you think I’ve front loaded all the possible answers to be La Belle Esplanade.  Untrue.  I entered all the places I could think of that would be a good fit for someone looking for the La Belle Esplanade Experience (TM).  The Pontchartain Hotel is in the mix.  The Chimes Bed and Breakfast is in there, too.  If the answer always comes up La Belle Esplanade, that isn’t my doing.  The Wheel of Accommodations never lies.  Where to stay in New Orleans?  Where, indeed.  There is only one Esplanade Avenue.  There is only one La Belle Esplanade.

Where to eat in New Orleans?

The Wheel of Restaurants is built on the same principles as the Wheel of Accommodations.  Give it a whirl.

The wheel is not going to differentiate between lunch and dinner.  It’s going to make a recommendation for either (you know where you’re going to have breakfast).  How’s it base it’s decision, the same way as the it does when it directs you where to stay: it picks up on your most inner desires and preferences and then randomly selects the name of the most appropriate place.

Let’s give it a spin:

If you are thinking about visiting New Orleans, you know where to find us.  You’re on the right website.  Click the “Check Availability” button on this page and see what we have available.  You won’t regret it.

Every day in New Orleans is full of fresh discoveries.

À votre santé,

La Belle Esplanade

Thursday, July 27, 2017:  New Orleans is waiting for you!