Why a blog?

Someone asked me today, why a blog?  That’s old school.  People don’t read anymore.  If they wanted to write a blog, what should they write about.  Why a blog, indeed!  I like blogs.  That’s why when I go a website that has a blog tab, that’s what I click first.  There is nothing worse than a dead blog.  If the last entry was from five years ago, why keep it up?  I love to read.  If you couldn’t figure this out from the other pages on La Belle’s website, I also love to write.  I am in love with the sound of my own voice, even if don’t have anything particularly interesting to say.

Let the world know about La Belle Esplanade. Good memories are made here.

Luckily, I live in New Orleans.  There is always something interesting to say about New Orleans.  Always.  Why do I have a blog?  I have one because I am in love with this magical city Frau Schmitt and I call home.  Frau Schmitt is the better half of this operation but she isn’t interested in writing a blog.  By default, that chore (such as it is) falls to me.  Welcome aboard!

In a New Orleans state of mind, even the angels dream of spending a few nights on Esplanade Avenue in the orange house, the one with the blue shutters.  Go where angels wish to tread.  We live on a beautiful street where good memories are made up and down our street, and across it, too, every day and every night.  Day dawns on Esplanade Avenue with a rosy glow through the oak trees that startles the crows and makes them yawp with happiness to greet the day.  Dusk settles over Esplanade Avenue in a way that makes babies smile in their cradles and cats lick milk from their saucers in a quiet contentment, sure that they’ll be successful at mousing later on.


If I didn’t have this blog, you wouldn’t know that the happiest people I know in New Orleans live on Esplanade Avenue.   I’m not just talking about Frau Schmitt and myself.  I’m talking about all of our neighbors.  “Where never is heard a discouraging word….”  That’s Esplanade Avenue.

People come to visit New Orleans and they arrive with ideas in their heads.  Let me tell you, New Orleans is nothing like you think it is.  Bourbon Street is Bourbon Street, of course, but did you come to New Orleans to lift up your shirt like a drunken sorority girl to catch some plastic beads tossed from a balcony?  We live here.  We’ve never done that.  Get yourself into an authentic New Orleans state of mind when you are here.  Nobody is loud and obnoxious on Esplanade Avenue.  Our address is the closest you can get to paradise—New Orleans-style.

Don't die before you visit New Orleans.
This man knows more than three New Orleans secrets. He doesn’t know ’em all, but he knows a lot. Ask him about them when you stay at La Belle Esplanade.

Check out the rest of our website and see what you think.  We’ll be happy to meet you should you choose to make La Belle Esplanade your New Orleans headquarters while you are here.  Nobody ever says their visit is too long.  Five nights is the perfect amount of time to stay here.  Longer is always better.

You have two friends here at…

La Belle Esplanade.

…ranked the #1 place to stay in New Orleans and in Louisiana, #2 in the U.S., and the #16 place to stay in the whole world.

——-The people have spoken!——

Wednesday, November 28, 2018:  Why a blog?  Why not?  Close your eyes and think about New Orleans for a moment.  You’re smiling now, aren’t you?

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