Windy New Orleans

A pleasant wind blows through New Orleans.  I spend a substantial amount of my day, every day, discussing New Orleans with our guests.  If you take into account that I spend 24 hours of every day in New Orleans, that New Orleans is the setting for my life’s story in this chapter, you could say that I spend all day talking about New Orleans.  Everything I do is a part of this wonderful city we call home.  It’s never terribly windy in New Orleans unless a tropical storm or a hurricane is blowing through, but it isn’t unfair to say that New Orleans is windy.  The city is certainly full of its share of bloviating.  In New Orleans, we don’t call the wind “Maria.”  We don’t call it “Mahiah,” either.



I don’t care what color you paint your wagon.  It’s not my vacation, but, when you stay with us I do take an interest in what you take from your time in our fair city.  When you’re lost and all alone, there ain’t no word but lonely.  You don’t need to feel lonely in New Orleans.  There are no strangers here.  There are only friends you haven’t yet met.

Welcome to New Orleans.  You’ll feel at home here, especially on our street, Esplanade Avenue.  The wind will whisper its slight and spritely caresses through your hair and over your skin.  The warm wind will awaken your animal spirits.  A person without friends in New Orleans has got to be the loneliest schlub in all this whole wide wonderful world.

By the way, the word, “bloviating” was the favorite pastime of a president who is considered by historians to be the worst U.S. president up to this day, pending the upcoming election.  I was talking with Ms Parker about Warren Harding the other day.  Ms Parker is the assistant curator of the New Orleans Odditarium.


Windy New Orleans
The New Orleans Odditarium’s Assistant Curator


I know that many of the people who read this blog are family members, or that many of you know people who are members of families.  In New Orleans, if you aren’t a stranger, you’re family.  At the very least, you are friends with someone who is part of an extended family of one sort or another.  Welcome to New Orleans.  You’ve got a pal in New Orleans.

Ms Parker and I were talking about Warren Harding because we were doing some research on the Parkview Neighborhood, an officially designated neighborhood according to the New Orleans City Planning Commission.  I mentioned that Parkview has one of the few streets named after Harding.  That street is Harding Place.  There is a nice vest-pocket park where Harding Place crosses Delgado Street.  It may even be called Harding Park, which would be a sweet slice of justification for Warren.  The Parkview Neighborhood isn’t named for it’s view of Harding Park.  It’s named because it’s across the street from City Park.  It’s a beautiful neighborhood the same way that City Park is a beautiful park.

City Park is the most beautiful and useful park in New Orleans.  If you visit New Orleans, you should visit City Park.  You won’t regret it.  The main entrance to City Park is located at the end of our street.  It’s about a 20 minute walk from our inn.

What does any of this have to do with windy New Orleans?  Nothing.  New Orleans isn’t known for it’s wind.  We don’t live in Chicago.

When you visit New Orleans, we hope you’ll feel the touch of the tender breath of Zephyr, not the blow-you-down blast of Boreas.  Those are some classical allusions there and you’ll have to google them yourself.  I’m not providing links because what does ancient Greek mythology have to do with New Orleans?  Surprisingly, it turns out there is plenty, but that is a subject for another day. Google “Muses Streets New Orleans” and see what comes up.

When you visit New Orleans, we can pretty much guarantee the weather will be pleasant.  Ours is not a windy New Orleans, aside from the bloviating.  People love to talk in New Orleans.  They are proud of their city and, like Frau Schmitt and your humble narrator, everyone in New Orleans likes to share what they know.  Just ask Ms Parker.  She’ll tell you that Frau Schmitt and I are fountains of undisclosed knowledge that is set loose, like the contents of Pandora’s box, at the drop of a hat.

Who’s hat?


Tad Gormley's hat in the New Orleans Odditarium.
Tad Gormley’s hat in the New Orleans Odditarium.


If you choose to come to New Orleans for a few days and nights, we’ll be pleased if you choose La Belle Esplanade as the headquarters for your New Orleans adventures.  We haven’t been rated the #1 place to stay in all of Louisiana (not just New Orleans) for 31 months in a row for no reason.  Think it over and once it’s all thunk and clunked into place, make a reservation through the button on the top right hand corner of this website’s screen.  We look forward to meeting you.

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Monday, October 24, 2016 There is never a dull moment in New Orleans.  Today was no exception.