You Know What You Like.

You know who you are.  You know what you like.  You think you know what will make you happy.

Your first couple of days in New Orleans, you’ll be looking at the city with hungry eyes.  You could live here and you’d be very, very happy if you did.  New Orleans is magical.

You don’t know what you don’t expect, but you’ll soon figure out that New Orleans is very, very good.  It’s magical.  Welcome to New Orleans.  Welcome to The New Orleans State of Mind.  Every day is full of freshly pleasant surprises.

New Orleans is a city that is full of pleasant surprises.  You’ll never know what you’ll find when you turn a corner in this wonderful, wonder-full city we call home.  You’ll find yourself pleasantly at home in New Orleans.  Whoops!  There it goes again.  New Orleans is full of pleasant surprises.

I don’t know you.  I suspect you don’t have a brown mustache and a pointed gray beard.  That’s what I have.  You are not me and I am not you.  We are both human.  We are both alive.  We similar in many ways but we don’t look alike.  We are different but similar.

We both love New Orleans.  If you don’t love New Orleans yet, you will.  You will.  I live here.  I predict you will fall in love with this city.  We already share that in common,  Everyone loves New Orleans.  If not now, then some day.  Visit New Orleans and you’ll fall in love with this magical city.  How do I know?  I live here.

I know a lot about New Orleans.

When you visit New Orleans you have a lot of preconceived notions.  New Orleans isn’t all like Bourbon Street.  Bourbon Street is like Bourbon Street, but we live in a wide-ranging city full of potential and possibility that isn’t about being a drunk frat boy chasing a boozy bachelorette hen party.

Discover the real New Orleans when you visit here.  We live in a wonderful city.  It isn’t all a tacky-tacky tourist trap.  Believe me.  I wouldn’t live here if wasn’t the most magical city on earth.

Bourbon Street is for beginners.  Esplanade Avenue is for winners.  Staying at La Belle Esplanade is advanced placement.  Our small craft hotel is outside the usual, predictable tourist bubble.  When you are ready to really discover what it means to fall in love with the authentic New Orleans, you know where to find us.  You are on the right website.  Over 17 million people came to New Orleans last year.  Only a few, a lucky few, we’ve come to believe, got to visit New Orleans like they meant it, to visit New Orleans like they live here.  We love where we live.  Ask any Orleanian.  They’ll tell you that they don’t dream of living anywhere else.  New Orleans is magical every day in every way.  There is more to New Orleans than Bourbon Street.

Feast on New Orleans with hungry eyes
Welcome to real new Orleans. This is where the city is lived in the round.

Come see for yourself.  We only have five suites and we tend to fill up early.  Plan ahead.  A day in New Orleans is better than a week of fishing.  I don’t fish.  I live in New Orleans.  Feast your eyes and satisfy your spirit when you come to New Orleans.

You have two friends on Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans,

La Belle Esplanade.

…ranked the #1 place to stay in New Orleans and in Louisiana, #3 in the U.S., and the #17 place to stay in the whole world.

——-The people have spoken!——

Tuesday, November 5, 2018:  It’s been another magical day today.  Come see for yourself.