Aside from the beauty of La Belle Esplanade bed and breakfast itself, one amenity that cannot be overlooked is its neighborhood. Esplanade Avenue a beautiful street lined with stately homes and well-manicured estates. The surrounding Treme neighborhood is full of cultural treasures and renowned restaurants. A walk along Esplanade Avenue is unlike any other street in America, from the Old US Mint and the Historic French Market on one end, to the New Orleans Museum of Art and the picturesque lagoons of City Park.

Second line parades often pass by La Belle Esplanade bed and breakfast as they wind through the neighborhood.

Feel free to check our blog regularly to learn more about the area’s features, and what is going on this most interesting part of New Orleans. Don’t be surprised if music is in the air.

There is Southern hospitality, and then there is New Orleans hospitality, which is even more talkative and lush, like the climate. When you spend time on Esplanade Avenue, exploring its neighboring streets, you will discover the real New Orleans. It is a good as everything you’ve heard. La Belle Esplanade is a real New Orleans bed and breakfast that is close to the heart of the city.

Built in 1883, La Belle Esplanade is one a trio of majestic homes built by the German cotton broker Julius Weiss. We are owned and operated by two professional innkeepers who share a passion for their adopted home. Furnished with period antiques, contemporary accents, curios, and original local artwork, every room is a different color.

The sun doesn’t always shine in New Orleans. Sometimes it’s night. Even if it’s raining, everyone is happy. Life is good here.

Everyone is busy in New Orleans. We are making music. We are making good meals and good times. We are making the most of every day. We aren’t making a lot of money, but we are making good memories. In the end, that is what life is all about, isn’t it? We hope you choose to stay with us. A Votre Sante’.