The 91 bus runs down Esplanade Avenue between the Cemeteries and Jackson Avenue. The 84 bus runs on Galvez and North Miro Streets, from The Lower 9th Ward to the Central Business District. Both the 91 and 84 buses connect to the Canal Streetcar Line. The bus costs $1.25 per trip, and a transfer costs an extra quarter. A day pass can be purchased for $3.00 and it is good for both buses and streetcars.

The Canal Street Streetcar stops at the City Park end of Esplanade Avenue. It runs down Carrolton Ave. and turns on Canal down to the French Quarter. Coming from the Quarter, make sure to take the City Park Streetcar. The Cemeteries Streetcar will take you to, well, the cemeteries at the end of Canal Street.

The Riverfront Streetcar stops at the French Market on the French Quarter end of Esplanade Avenue. It isn’t a very scenic route and we recommend walking through the French Quarter rather than taking the Riverfront Line, but it’s there.

Taxis are easy to find in the French Quarter, in the Marigny, and in the Central Business District. They will take travelers to La Belle Esplanade for less than ten dollars. When called, taxis usually arrive at 2216 Esplanade Avenue in five minutes to take passengers to where they want to go.

The best way to experience Esplanade Avenue is on foot. La Belle Esplanade’s address makes most of the interesting things in New Orleans within easy and pleasurable walking distance.


We do have secure parking located in the rear of the property off Barracks Street. Hardly anyone uses it, including the people who live here. Except during Jazz Fest and a few other times of the year, there is usually ample parking in front of the inn. La Belle Esplanade shares its parking lot with an apartment building next door. During Jazz Fest, tenants are usually given first rights to available spaces. If you would like to guarantee secure parking during Jazz Fest, please contact us in advance to reserve this at an additional $25.00 per day.


We used to offer bicycles to our guests, but few people used them.  It’s too bad because New Orleans is very flat.  After they broke down, we never replaced them.  We can recommend Crescent City Bike Tours for a bike rental.  We recommend the tour, but they’ll rent you a bike even if you don’t take the tour.