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Elope in New Orleans

Do you want to elope in New Orleans?  Many a good marriage has been made in this wonderful city we call home.  When you elope in New Orleans, you deserve the best.

With love from NOLA
New Orleans loves you. You belong in the real New Orleans.  I know.  I live here.

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, you’ll elope in New Orleans. No regrets.

Countless good marriages and a lifetime of good memories begin in New Orleans.  Make your New Orleans elopement headquarters at La Belle Esplanade.  Elope in New Orleans like you mean it.  You deserve the best.

La Belle is a five suite B&B hotel in New Orleans.  We are the perfect elopement destination.  We won’t make big deal out of it if you don’t.  Get married.  Nothing makes us happier than being able to share New Orleans with two people getting. married.

A couple million things happen in New Orleans every day.

If you want to elope in New Orleans, I know where you should stay.  You make La Belle Esplanade, a small B&B New Orleans hotel, the headquarters for your elopement.  Get married in New Orleans like you live here.

We don’t get involved in making recommendations on how to get married.  We leave that to the great State of Louisiana and its laws, and to the crackerjack staff in New Orleans City Hall to help you make your elopement marriage get off without a hitch.  What we do here at La Belle Esplanade is that we are here to help you enjoy the authentic New Orleans and make good memories that will last you the rest of your life.

No one likes to talk about divorce when they are eloping.  We’re here for you.  There are very few things that belong in New Orleans than two people marrying their fates together as one.  You have two friends at La Belle Esplanade.  We know what it means to be really in love.

You wanna elope?  We won’t make a big deal of it.  We’ll congratulate but, but, if you’re gonna elope in New Orleans, do it right.  No big deal—-it’s only the biggest decision of your life.  New Orleans is called the Big Easy.  If you don’t make anything special out of your special day, New Orleans will take care of the rest.

Good memories are made in New Orleans every day.  Let yours be made here, too.  The best memories begin at La Belle Esplanade.

You are on the right website.  Read about our suites.  As a five-suite boutique B&B hotel, we tend to fill up early during busy seasons.  CHECK OUR CALENDAR HERE.  There is a reason people like to stay at La Belle Esplanade.  They want to discover New Orleans off the usual tourist radar.  La Belle Esplanade is the perfect hotel to stage a no-frills elopement while still making it special.

La Belle Esplanade has been ranked the #1 place to stay in New Orleans on TripAdvisor every month since April 2014 (and #2 in the U.S., AND #16 in the world).  Follow La Belle Esplanade on Facebook and Instagram.  We post a couple of times every day to keep you in a New Orleans state of mind.

If you re looking to elope in New Orleans, La Belle Esplanade is the small personalized hotel that will respect your intelligence.  We’re here for you.

2019 TripAdvisor Award
Two years in a row: one of the top 0.001% best place to stay.