Les Pêches Suite

New Orleans is the northernmost Caribbean city, not only because of lifestyle and climate, it is because New Orleans is linked to the sea.  In New Orleans, if we see food, we eat it.  If wishes were fishes we would all eat like kings.  Our neighborhood abounds with Creole cuisine.

Two large rooms, a private bath with a clawfoot shower tub, a private balcony nestled in the live oaks that line Esplanade Avenue.

Time in New Orleans is a getaway from the workaday world.  Enjoy your time in New Orleans.


When New Orleans is your oyster, you are the pearl.  Cast your net and catch a wish.  What should we do today?


CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUR AVAILABILTY.  The longer you stay, the more good New Orleans memories you’ll make.  No one ever says their visit to New Orleans is too long.  We look forward to sharing our part of New Orleans with you.  Our Les Pêches Suite is waiting.


  • Queen bed
  • Second floor
  • Private front balcony
  • Antique clawfoot shower tub
  • Flat screen TV
  • Coffee Maker
  • Tea kettle
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Wardrobe
  • Hair dryer
  • Free wi-fi
  • White noise machine
  • In-room refrigerator
  • Honor system drinks and snacks.
  • Enough good New Orleans memories to last until your next visit