Sweet Expectations.

New Orleans is like no place else on God’s green earth.  You should stay at La Belle Esplanade.  Visit new Orleans like you live here.  We live on a very interesting street.  Get out and explore.


Checking in to La Belle Esplanade, and much of the daily operation of the inn is fairly self-serve.  We are happy to offer more personalized services but, the best part of the La Belle Esplanade Experience (TM) is now à la carte.  You can choose to take advantage of our company and our expertise, or not, at your leisure.

Here is how things will work out after you make a reservation to stay at La Belle Esplanade:

When you make a reservation, you will automatically receive an email to confirm it.

A few days before you are scheduled to arrive, you will receive an email from us.  CHECK YOUR EMAIL.  The inn is not staffed 24 hours a day.  In fact, we are usually close by but rarely on premises.  Via email, we will give you a code to the locks so that you can check yourself in.  La Belle Esplanade is a hotel.  You will know what to do.

Once you walk in the front door you will find yourself in an odditarium of New Orleans wonders.

I would prefer to meet you myself, but I would also prefer to be enjoying this wonderful city I call home.  We are happy to meet you in person, go over the map, make recommendations, and get you acclimated to the neighborhood.

We live in a fascinating neighborhood full of pleasant surprises.  La Belle Esplanade is close to the tourist action and all the things your friends told you that you have to see, but we are in the city.  There is plenty to explore.  Visit like you live here.

Read on…

In-Person Check-in.  $30.

I am more than happy to check you in in-person.  Nothing makes me happier than being a New Orleans goodwill ambassador.  If you want to meet me to get you oriented to the neighborhood, let me know.  It will cost you $30.00 extra but if you are not familiar with New Orleans in general, or our part of New Orleans in particular, it will be worth it.

We will go over a patented and personalized keepsake souvenir paper map to get you oriented to our part of New Orleans.  I will ask about your plans and make recommendations.  I am happy to do it.  Let me know.  I will sign the map if you like.

I love to share New Orleans and what it is like to live here.  If you would the in-person boutique touch, I don’t blame you.  I will arrange my schedule accordingly.  There are no strangers in New Orleans, only friends you have just met.

I will have to arrange my day accordingly, which is really no bother, but it will cost an additional $30.00 for the personalized touch.

Included Breakfast.

Every suite is equipped with a tea kettle and coffee maker along with tea bags and decaffeinated coffee.  Caffeinated coffee is in the dining room after 7:30AM.  It will be fresh and it will have chicory in it, the New Orleans blend.  There are plenty of breakfast options a minute or two’s stroll from our front door.  You should get out and enjoy the neighborhood.

Meeting for Coffee.  $40.

We will be happy to have breakfast with you to talk about what your experiences have been and to make recommendations.  We do live here and we are New Orleans goodwill ambassadors, as well as raconteurs.  We are more than happy to share.  We have been everywhere.  Making good New Orleans memories is what we do for a living.

We do not usually have breakfast with guests in the dining room.  If there is a full house, it becomes a whole confused rigmarole and the conversation you paid for gets all off track.  It is not worth your money.  For $40.00 you will get an hour or so of our full attention and the contents of our New Orleanian brains.  We can meet anytime between 8:00AM and 9:00AM.  We will tell you where we will meet you to chat for an hour or so.  The place we like to meet at is only two blocks away.  Keep it on the down low.

Meeting for Lunch.  $60.

If you don’t know this already, I go out to lunch every day.  I read the paper edition of the Wall Street Journal.  You may hear the paperboy toss it on the stoop, usually around 5:00AM.  It makes a soft, lazy thud.

People talk to me all day long while I try to read the Wall Street Journal.  If you would like to have lunch with me, I will be happy to enjoy the pleasure of your company.  I rarely eat but I will talk for about an hour about whatever you would like to know.  You can let me know if you are interested in advance or while you are here.