Every adventure begins with breakfast.  At La Belle Esplanade, it’s the most important meal of the day.  It’s a special time when we get to answer your questions, explain the city, and help you navigate the many choices New Orleans offers. But what exactly does breakfast at La Belle look like? Keep reading to find out!


Every morning is a pleasant surprise.
Every morning is a pleasant surprise.

What Can You Expect for Breakfast at La Belle Esplanade?


Breakfast is served from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. every day. Any time after 8:00, is usually fine with us. We’re ready to enjoy your company.  Matthew is just reading the newspaper waiting to start talking about New Orleans. We don’t kick anyone out of the dining room at 9:30. Instead, we let the conversations take their course until everyone is satisfied and ready to embark on fresh adventures in the city.

If you have any dietary concerns, let us know beforehand. Or, like most people, you can tell us when you check in. We prefer the former so we can plan ahead but, either way, we can accommodate you. Nobody leaves our dining room hungry. There is always something sweet and something savory, something refreshing and invigorating, and do you want to know the best part? You get to discover what’s on the menu the morningof!  Like New Orleans, itself, every morning is a pleasant surprise.



You didn’t come to New Orleans to eat breakfast sausage links from Costco or have us scramble eggs for you.  When we serve sausage, it’s Italian Creole sausage from a shop that’s been in business for 90 years. They’re 4thgeneration sausage makers. Or, it’s Boudin from upriver in St. James Parish. There will always be something hot like crab cakes, crawfish pie, red beans, or any of the local ethnic foods that make up the indigenous New Orleans gumbo pot.



When we serve donuts, they may be maple and bacon Johnny Logs from a shop run by three policemen; they also might be Buttermilk Drops, a traditional local specialty.  We go out every morning to pick up whatever is fresh and looks good, like the best apple fritters in the city, or New Orelans hand pies, or Creole gingerbread.



We serve different bread every day, from a traditional po’ boy loaf to a New Orleans-style ciabatta, or a French-style baguette with a crust that crackles when you bite it. We also love handcrafted loaves packed with olives or walnuts.  One of our favorite bakeries won a James Beard Award for their craft in 2019.  New Orleans is the most francophile of all cities.  This is a city that loves its bread.


Meats, Cheeses, Fruits, and More!

What would bread be without delicious accouterments to put on it? Every morning we serve a different selection of meats, cheeses, and fresh fruits. The jellies are handmade by a lady who lives in St. Bernard Parish, downriver from us. She delivers them to us herself and we never know what she’s going to bring. It’s a surprise to both you and us! She uses the fruit from her neighbors’ farm gardens out in the swamp that surrounds our fair city. It’s a different world out there, flush with Gooseberry bushes and Satsuma groves, and our jellies bring those flavors to you every morning you stay with us.  


Coffee and Tea

Are you a coffee lover? You’re going to love the blend we have here at La Belle. It has chicory in it—the way we drink it here in New Orleans—so get ready to experience it the local way! If you’re more of a tea person, don’t worry. We keep a wide variety of specialty teas on hand as well.



The food is good but the conversation is better.  Every morning at La Belle Esplanade starts with a curated breakfast salon.  Ask what you want to know about New Orleans.  You have two local goodwill ambassadors on hand to learn what interests you in order to make recommendations tailored on what you want to do.  There is tourist New Orleans and there is the New Orleans that the people who live here call home.  Visit New Orleans like you belong here.  You do.  Get off the tourist treadmill and explore the authentic New Orleans.  Good memories are made every day in New Orleans.  The best memories are made on Esplanade Avenue.  See for yourself.


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