We Offer Unique Accommodations for an Authentic New Orleans Experience


New Orleans is a magical city.  Your New Orleans hotel or bed & breakfast should be just as magical.  New Orleans is not a homogenized city canned for mass consumption.  It is a tradition-rich, living, breathing, singing city.  La Belle Esplanade will give you the authentic New Orleans experience you deserve.  

We prefer to call La Belle Esplanade a tiny artisanal hotel that offers craft New Orleans hospitality on a personal level.  Like a traditional bed & breakfast, you'll dine every morning on a curated selection of local New Orleans delicacies from around our neighborhood.

La Belle Esplanade is an untraditional New Orleans B&B.  You will get expertly tailored advice from your hosts every morning but this isn't grandma's house stuffed full of antiques and run by amateurs.  La Belle Esplanade has been ranked the #1 place to stay in New Orleans by Trip Advisor since April 2014.  We've also been ranked the #2 place to stay in the U.S. and #16 in the world.  If you are looking for unique accommodations for an authentic New Orleans experience, look no further.  You are on the right website.

We only have five suites.  All of them are bigger than a New York City apartment.  A lot of San Francisco apartments, too.  Each suite includes a private bath with a clawfoot tub, equipped with a shower, a bedroom (naturally) and a private sitting room.  Every suite also includes a private balcony.  We are a non-smoking establishment but smoking is permitted on the balconies.

Every room is a different color.  Every ceiling is a different color.  New Orleans is a city of stories and every room in La Belle is full of whimsical artifacts and stories to accompany them.  There is tourist New Orleans and, then, there is an authentic New Orleans experience.  La Belle Esplanade is the real deal.

As a small hotel in a colorful mansion, we have all the amenities you should expect from any artisanal hotel.  We have air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter.  We wouldn't have so many five-star reviews if we didn't have these things, as well as hair dryers, ironing boards, wifi, and all the other things that people call to ask about before they make a reservation.  Those are people who are used to staying at rink-a-dink bed and breakfasts.  La Belle Esplanade is the real deal.  We are a professional operation run by two New Orleans goodwill ambassadors.  Let us share our part of New Orleans with you.

Perfectly located on beautiful and historic Esplanade Avenue, La Belle Esplanade is the perfect headquarters for authentic New Orleans adventures.  Visit New Orleans like you belong here.  You do belong here.  The best New Orleans memories are made on Esplanade Avenue.  Ask anyone.

Explore the details of all five of our suites in the links below but, really, there isn't a dud in the bunch.  With only five suites, and, with La Belle's reputation, we tend to fill up early during busy times of the year.  It turns out a lot of people want to stay at a small New Orleans hotel that respects their intelligence and gives them the freedom to get off the usual tourist treadmill.  Thats what we're here for.  

Check out our calendar to see what we have available.  There isn't a dud in the bunch.  The best New Orleans memories are made on our street.  We live in a fascinating neighborhood.  You never know what you'll find when you turn a corner in New Orleans.  You belong here.



Les Fleurs Suite

This is a really unique New Orleans hotel suite.  There are others.  La Belle Esplanade has a total of five suites.  That’s why we can offer the personalized experience that

Clio 1

Clio Suite

This is a really nice suite.  There are plenty of unique New Orleans hotel suites.  This is one of them.  We have four others if this one is already reserved.

Les Peches 1

Les Pêches Suite

This is a really nice suite.  There are plenty of unique New Orleans hotel suites but this one stands out.  It would.  La Belle Esplanade is a colorful landmark.  People

La France Bedroom

La France Suite

This is a nice suite.  Is this the most unique New Orleans hotel suite you can find?  No.  We have four more. La France Suite has a bedroom, a sitting

La Pelican 1

Le Pelican Suite

This is a really nice suite.  Is this the most unique New Orleans hotel suite that you can find in this fair city we call home?  No.  It isn’t.  La