You Belong Here.

Build your own New Orleans adventure.  This is your New Orleans adventure hotel.  The suite you reserve at La Belle is an escape room you will never want to live, but, New Orleans adventures are waiting to unfold as soon as you walk out our front door.

Follow the signs.

We have five suites, each of them unique.  Each suite is a treasure trove of stories and inspiration.  There is always plenty to look at La Belle, just like there is always something to discover in this magical city we call home.  Catch a different wish every day.

Don’t stay indoors.  New Orleans beckons.  Come as you are.  Serve yourself.  Do what you want to do while repecting others.  

What amenities do you expect?  Just like any hotel, it is here: air conditioning, hair dryer, private bathroom all to yourself.  Coffee and snacks.  La Belle is the most interesting hotel you have ever stayed in.  I don’t mean that in a bad way.  I mean that La Belle is different in a good way.

Soak in New Orleans like you belong here.  Your New Orleans will never be like anyone else’s.  Get out of the French Quarter.  Get off of Frenchmen Street.  Get out of the Garden District.  There is a whole city to explore.  La Belle Esplanade is your home base.  Good memories are made on our street every day.

You never know who you will meet when you turn a corner.  Happiness loves company.

There are no strangers in New Orleans.  There are only friends you have not yet met.  Go make some new friends.

La Belle is lightly staffed.  We are usually nearby but we are rarely visible unless you need something.  Make New Orleans your own.  You are in the right place.  

Live a Fairy Tale.  Have you ever seen that Disney movie, “The Princess and the Frog?”  New Orleans is like that, but without bursting out in song.

Have you ever seen the movie “Angel Heart?”  Don’t be like Angel Heart.  We share La Belle with other people.  Courtesy is what makes polite company possible.   Do not make anyone call management because blood is pouring down the walls.

An urn of Creole coffee is in the dining room every morning to help you get ready for the day.  Adventure awaits.  What are you waiting for?  This day is not going to start itself.  Get out of the house and get into New Orleans.

Get on with life.  New Orleans is all about the business of life.  New Orleans is where good memories get made.


You should visit the French Quarter.   It really is beautiful and interesting, with all kinds of bars, restaurants and historical sights.  You should go to Frenchmen Street to listen to jazz.  Jazz is the soundtrack of a New Orleans day.  A brass band passed by La Belle this afternoon:

This is what it is like to live in real New Orleans.  Stay at La Belle Esplanade and you’ll discover the real New Orleans.  There is tourist New Orleans and there is real New Orleans.  If you are looking for real New Orleans, you are on the right website.  La Belle Esplanade offers spacious suites in a neighborhood full of delicacies to enjoy.  Savor every day like you mean it.

Being in New Orleans is not a vacation.  Being in New Orleans is life as it is meant to be, in sense-surround.

Read our blog to learn more about our neighborhood and what’s going on in the city.  We also sponsor a sister blog that is written to keep lovers of New Orleans in a New Orleans state of mind.  That blog is called, unsurprisingly, A New Orleans State of Mind.  Follow that one, too.

You should follow La Belle Esplanade on Facebook, too, if you’re so inclined.

What you should really do is make a reservation and make the most of your stay in this wonderful city we call home.