mardi gras parade

You-know-who is working with you-know-who. The Guy Fieri crowd is out in full force. They must have chartered a plane. This has to do with the Sugar Bowl. It is some kind of football game. It brings the yahoos to the city.

I have a bee in my fedora. I have a yen to head to Antoine’s. It is a strong, primitive yearning, an eruption of animal sprits on my part, a hunger for Beef Robespierre.

Beef Robespierre is marinated beef tenderloin cooked so rare as to be slightly bloody. I do not normally like rare meat but it is the sauce that makes Beef Robespierre so tasty. The sauce is made from beef stock, sweetbreads, and chicken livers.

Beef Robespierre was on the menu at Antoine’s for over a hundred years. Now, you have to call ahead if you want it. They still have the recipe.

What I really want, though is an order of Eggs Sardou.  It is brunch time, which is better than lunch time because you can anything you want.  This is New Orleans.

Eggs Sardou.

Two eggs poached with spinach.
Two hearty slices of artichoke hearts, preferably with a bit of the stem.
Hollandaise sauce.
Two warmed anchovies arranged in a cross over each egg.

Eggs Sardou was invented at Antoine’s. Eggs Sardou was perfected at Brennan’s.

Brennan’s is the only place where I will order Eggs Sardou. I will ask Mrs. King if she wants to go for bunch. It has been awhile since we had breakfast at Brennan’s.  Antoine’s is for dinner.

Be a New Orleanian while you are here.  You know where you should stay.

We could have lunch sometime.  Or you can read about it just about every day.

Either way, we live in a very interesting neighborhood and you get out and about to explore it.  This is New Orleans.  It is the most magical city in America.  You should visit.  You should stay at La Belle Esplanade.