There are few Chinese restaurants in New Orleans, and even fewer worth mentioning.  There are only three in the city I would recommend, and, of those, only one of them would I really, really recommend.  That would be Dian Xin.  Everyone agrees Dian Xin has the best Chinese food in New Orleans. Everyone is right.

Of the three, Dian Xin has the least ambience but the best food.

Miss Shirley’s is not a new restaurant but it is new to New Orleans.  It used to be out in the suburbs.  It is on Magazine Street in what used to be Jung’s Golden Dragon.  It across from the old orphanage that now houses a tobacconist. It is next to the antique mall.  You can’t miss it.  It is a black building with a giant gold dragon on the front.  The inside is nice, too, like going back in time.  The food is good but I would not cross the city for it.  I only pop in when I visit the tobacconist.

If you are walking down Magazine Street and you have a hankering for Chinese Food, go to Miss Shirley’s.  People from the suburbs love it.

My favorite Chinese restaurant in New Orleans is that old standby, 5 Happiness.  Generations of Orleanians have celebrated special occasions at 5 Happiness, business deals have been sealed.  It is also the site of holiday feasts.  We go for Christmas.

The decor is sleek and chic with a subtle Asian feel, as they say.  It is usually busy but it always efficient.  Even if it is not the best Chinese food in New Orleans, it is consistently good.

The location is inconvenient for tourists and in a part of the city that they don’t normally visit.  There is nothing there for them, unless they have children attending Xavier University.  It is also close to the post office.

The best Chinese food in New Orleans is at Dian Xin.

Back to Dian Xin. If you go, get the soup dumplings. Mrs. Kings says they taste like Chinese food. Everything there is good.

They do not have chop suey at Dian Xin. They do not have chow mien. They have soup dumplings. Order the soup dumplings. You will not regret it. They are the best selling item on the menu. Everybody who tries them comes back for more.

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