Around here it's Dixie!

Everybody in New Orleans Loves Dixie Beer.

I went to a New Orleans speakeasy.  I can’t tell you where I went, naturally, not that you would want to go there.  Don’t freak out, everyone was practicing good social distancing but everyone also needed a little society.  New Orleans is a city based on community.  Too much time apart gives us the heebie-jeebies.  I’m not the only one looking for someone to talk to, not that Melanie isn’t good company.

Melanie is the nicest person you will ever meet.  I always say that and I say it because it’s true.  After two weeks of knocking around the inn and sharing our innermost dreams that we hadn’t shared before, though, we’re running out of material.  I asked Melanie if she wanted to come to the speakeasy.  She said, “No, you’ll be fine on your own.  It’ll do you good.”

Darn tootin’!

All the tables were pushed together at the speakeasy in a big circle so that we wouldn’t have to sit too close to each other.  Covid-19 and all, you know.  I was ten feet across from Jimmie.  The waitress asked for our orders.

Around the table:




It was Jimmie’s turn.  He shrugged and said, “What am I supposed to say? Around the corner chocolate’s made?  Gimme a wine.”




It was my turn.  I said, “Make mine a Dixie!”

The person after me, Emily, said, “You know what?  A Dixie sounds pretty good right now.”

Soon everyone was chanting, “Dixie!  Dixie!  Dixie!”  We were pounding on the tables just for the fun of it.  Even the people who had ordered milk and lemonade changed their orders to Dixie, even Jimmie.  Jimmie doesn’t even like beer.

In times of crisis we go back to our New Orleans roots.  Traditions are what nourish us, along with our families and our faith.  Dixie is the last of the big four local brands that is still brewed here.  Jax Beer is gone.  Falstaff Beer is gone.  Regal Beer is gone.  Dixie is still around.  They have a new brewery just opened in New Orleans East.

Everybody in New Orleans loves Dixie Beer.

Make mine Dixie!
Everybody loves Dixie Beer.

When you want to discover secret things in New Orleans, I know where to send you.  I’ve made my living as a New Orleans goodwill ambassador.  I am looking forward to doing that again, sometime soon.

Have a great New Orleans day today!

La Belle Esplanade