Interview With a Vampire

There was a big party at the house across the street.  You know the kind, a motorcade of limousines with a police escort.  I wasn’t invited so I don’t know who was there.  I don’t think it was Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt.  It seems unlikely but anything is possible.  There was a brass band and a parade around the street.  I didn’t get out of bed to watch the parade.  These things happen.  It was Saturday.

The Benachi House.


They have started filming at the house across the street.  I am not at liberty to say what is being filmed.  All I know is the word on the street, nothing official.  NOLA grapevine.  Let’s just say that in the long run it will be good for business.

I hate to complain.  I like anything that is good for business even if it means minor inconveniences along the way.  I would call it my Protestant work ethic but I live on this side of Canal Street so I’m Catholic.  Understanding New Orleans is like peeling an onion.

I sure hope this film becomes a big success.  It is too early to tell yet.  It’s not in the can.

I like this house that is diagonally across from the house where they are filming.  You will, too.

You belong here
La Belle Esplanade


When you move to New Orleans you never know who will be your neighbor.  There are no strangers in New Orleans.  Everyone you see in New Orleans is a friend you haven’t yet met.  We’re all in this together, buddy.

In New Orleans, we dance like nobody is watching.  I’m sure the people at that fancy party were dancing like nobody was watching.  I was in bed.  All the neighbors I spoke with this morning knew there was a VIP party but nobody I knew bothered to inspect it.  People are people.  When you visit New Orleans, you should visit like you mean it.  Visit like you belong.  Visit like New Orleans is your home.  I see dreams come true on our street every day.  Come see for yourself.

Agent 25 is looking forward to meeting you.

Your humble narrator.