Love is in the air in New Orleans

Losing Power in New Orleans

Culturally speaking, New Orleans is a powerhouse.  Losing power in New Orleans is a way life.  It comes and it goes.  New Orleans is electric.  New Orleans is neon.  New Orleans is air-conditioned.  New Orleans without electricity is still a city alive.  In fact, when the power goes out and it doesn’t bother you, that’s a real New Orleans state of mind.

New Orleans never loses power but the electricity does go out on a randomly predictable basis.  It happens.  You can visit New Orleans or you can live in New Orleans.

Psssssssssssst!  You can have the best of both worlds.  You are on the right website.


Some people get all up and arms about losing their power in New Orleans.  I don’t know any of those people but they must exist.  Most everyone I know find New Orleans to be energizing, nurturing, loving, and, the kind of city that makes you feel at home.

Your Man-in-New Orleans has an opinion about this, of course.   I made it to TV.  Click this link if you want to hear the sound of my voice.

Look! Up in the New Orleans sky!
What do you see when you daydream about New Orleans?

Remember the Super Bowl when the power went out?  That was another New Orleans day.

We do lose power in New Orleans, even on Esplanade Avenue, a street where fairy tales come true.  We don’t worry about losing power in New Orleans, though.  It’s never an inconvenience, per se.  It’s just something you get used to, like having a cocktail at lunch or dancing in the street.  Or not.  Losing power doesn’t always mean what it seems in New Orleans.  Sometimes it’s a double entendre.

Love is in the air in New Orleans
Love is in the air, speed limit 25 in New Orleans. Proceed at your own risk.

You never know what you’ll find when you run a corner in New Orleans.  Ours is a city full of pleasant surprises and love, especially when you get off the typical tourist radar and into the beating heart of New Orleans, the part that never loses its power.  Laissez les bon temps rouler!  Vive la Nouvelle d’Orléans!

If you want to get a taste of what it means to really fall in love with the authentic New Orleans, you are on the right website.  You don’t need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows.  New Orleans is calling you.  Get your good self down here and stay at La Belle Esplanade.  ‘Nuff said.

Your man in New Orleans,

-Matthew King

Friday, November 1, 2019: Another beautiful New Orleans morning!

2019 Travelers' Choice
The people have spoken, awarding La Belle Esplanade within the top five small hotels in the United States two years in a row.