New Orleans is not Megadon City

Have you got twenty minutes to waste rocking out to a early 1970s prog rock song?  New Orleans is not a paradise.  It is not a dystopia, either.  New Orleans music is jazz, jazz, jazz, my friends, but it’s sprit is purely distilled unalloyed freedom, too.  You don’t need to get with the program when you live in New Orleans.  You just have to dance like nobody is watching.

I dashed the following off the cuff, without editing, while listening to 2112.  Now you can listen as you read along…

In New Orleans, all the gifts of life are held within our levees.

What is this strange boutique experience I’ve found?  La Belle Esplanade, when I enter, I hear a sound.  My heart sings, pure and vibrant, just like New Orleans.  New Orleans has streets that vibrate and give music.  This city is like nowhere else on earth.  It sings like a glad heart. It sings like a sad heart.  It sings like there is nothing else to do in this life but sing, sing, sing.

Frau Schmitt and I are professional innkeepers.  Our job is to share the love we nurture for this remarkable city we call home.  I know it’s most unusual to be so invested in being authentic goodwill ambassadors.  It’s what we do.  It’s our vocation and avocation.  It’s not a waste of time.  New Orleans is doing fine, better than anyone expected post-Katrina.  That doesn’t mean New Orleans doesn’t need more people to fall in love with it.

Listen to New Orleans.  We know it will touch you.  New Orleans will love you.  New Orleans is a seductive siren plump with coquettish glances and enticing hints that will lead you further down its primrose paths.  New Orleans already loves you.  What are you waiting for?  You can get your cool jazz in New Orleans.  You can get your hot jazz in New Orleans.  You can rock out in New Orleans.  You can swing in New Orleans.  You can hillbilly rockabilly straight line or second line or jitterbug alone in a crowd in New Orleans, Cajun-style, with zydeco.  In New Orleans, you’ll see the light.

You’ll see a hopeful future in New Orleans.  You’ll get a taste of paradise.  If you have open eyes and an open heart, New Orleans can change you for the better.  Have you wondered where you are going?  If you are headed for New Orleans, you are headed somewhere where you’ll be welcomed.  Home is where your heart is.

New Orleans is not a dream, even though it often seems that way.  Shake your head.  Rub the crust out of your eyes.  Get out and about and have good adventures.  If you love New Orleans, New Orleans will love you right back, just as intensely.  Home is where your heart is.

We love New Orleans.  We cannot imagine living anywhere else.  If you want to learn why, you know where to stay.  La Belle Esplanade is a boutique experience inn located smack in the middle of the second-most beautiful street in a city full of beautiful streets, beautiful neighborhoods, and beautiful people.  La Belle Esplanade is located on beautiful Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans, LA.  What are you waiting for?  New Orleans is calling you.  Assume control.

À votre sante,

La Belle Esplanade

where every day is an adventure of fresh discovery and liberating epiphanies.

September 23, 2016:  New Orleans is not Megadon City.